Two amazing hits from 2007 Sweet Spot!

January 9, 2009 at 1:17 am | Posted in My Cards, Upper Deck, Video | 4 Comments

So the 2007 Sweet Spot tin that I used for the free group break that I did before Christmas wasn’t the only thing that I bought from Dave & Adam’s Card World in December.  I also bought the SP Legendary Cuts hobby box that I broke on video and posted about the other day, and I bought a tin of 2007 Sweet Spot and 2007 Sweet Spot Classic for myself.  I took advantage of Dave & Adam’s low prices and their special holiday gift promotion and bought myself a nice holiday present.  With the special holiday promotion, I got a free box of 2007 Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition, which I haven’t opened yet.

I recently broke the Sweet Spot and Sweet Spot Classic tins, and as soon as I did, I was excited to post it to YouTube and the blog.  There’s definitely going to be one person who will really, really wish that I had selected this Sweet Spot tin instead of the other one for the free group break.  I got something very good.  And I got something else that was very good in the Sweet Spot Classic tin – it was a type of card that I had never pulled before in my life.

I’ll write another post with some scans later, but for now you’ll have to check out the video to find out what I pulled:



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  1. I KNEW IT! As soon as you sent that e-mail, I completely had a feeling that it was going to be that card from Sweet Spot! I don’t have that card yet, and the reason I’ve been asking bout Sweet Spot from all blogs lately is because I have been thinking about buying a box to chase exactly that card. I’m not interested in any other card from 2007 SS, but I guess the chances of me getting one from DA is low now huh? Any chance you are willing to sell?

  2. Holy cow. You totally cleaned up on Cardinals!

  3. WOW. Big Country cut auto?? That’s pretty dang good! He did pass on a year or two ago. I think he was a fairly prolific signer but that is some serious baseball history here. Nice breaks!

  4. Whenever I hear Enos Slaughter I think about the “Who’s on First” radio broadcast. Shop Owner-“Everybody knows Slaughter, Enos Slaughter.” Costello-“Well maybe he knows Slaughter but I don’t!” Those are some great pulls, congrats.

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