Evan Longoria is more Christ-like than Albert Pujols

January 18, 2009 at 1:24 pm | Posted in Rays | 7 Comments

One of the most popular card blog posts of the past week was Is Albert Pujols the Hobby Antichrist? on Wax Heaven.  Mario discussed how Albert Pujols charges Upper Deck $200 for his autographs and Cardinals fans $215 for an in-person autograph.  I think that most people can agree that is a lot to pay for a person’s signature.  So what do you think the going rate is for a guy who’s an All Star, Rookie of the Year, and reaches the World Series in his rookie year?  Well, it turns out that my favorite Tampa Bay Ray, Evan Longoria, is now charging $90 for an autograph, which I suppose makes him less than half the “anti-christ” that Pujols is.  He’s going to appear at “Last Licks Ice Cream” in Rye Ridge, New York (just north of New York City) on January 25 (next Sunday) and he’ll be charging $90.  You can see the details here.

My first question is, what is a guy from Southern California who plays for a team in Florida doing in frigid New York in January?  Then I wonder, why would anyone pay $90 for a Longoria autograph?  Sure, he’s already one of the best players in the American League, and he’ll probably only get better with more experience, but you can get many really nice Evan Longoria certified autograph baseball cards for half of that price on eBay.  But if Longoria is charging $90 now, he’s probably not likely to sign many free autographs at games or sign autographs through the mail.  He might increase his fee to the card companies too, and we’ll see fewer Longoria certified autograph cards being produced in the coming years.

I’m glad that I bought my autographed Durham Bulls jersey and my 21 autographed Evan Longoria cards when I did.  He’s going to have a great career, and while he’ll probably never reach the heights of Albert Pujols, it’ll be very interesting to see what my Longoria rookie cards, and especially the autographs, are worth in about 5 years…

Finally, I know that Topps is based in New York City.  I’m hoping that someone from their company drives to “Last Licks Ice Cream” next weekend to get Longoria to sign his Red Hot Rookie cards, so that they can finally send me my redemption!



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  1. They do lots of autographs shows and stuff. I’m prery sure Last Lick has some kind of deal with Steiner, which is probably why Longoria is signing there.

  2. Just got back from the Cardinals Winter Warmup. Paid for a few of “the kids” as my son likes them, stood in line for a bunch of freebies (including Joe Magrane), and picked up a flyer for the next local card show. Interestingly, Jim Rice, newly elected HOF’r is charging $59, current HOF Orlando Cepeda is charging $19, and headline for next year’s class Andre Dawson is charging $19 too. Those prices are for smaller, basic items. Its more for balls, bats, jerseys or other premium items.

    Dave – Isaac is begging me to post pics of all the cards he got auto’d this weekend. He may just get me to do it.

  3. That’s awesome, Tony – especially Joe Magrane! I definitely want to see some scans of the auto’s that you guys got. It is funny that Longoria is charging so much more than Hall of Famers…

  4. Pics on the way. He talked me into posting cards he got in a trade from Chris G from Project ’62. You’re next if he has his way!

  5. Forgot to post the link: http://ikescards.blogspot.com

  6. um , thats not necesarily true.
    Evan Longoria dosent charge anything for autographs
    (well , atleast at home games).
    i have been going to DevilRays “Rays” games since there inagural season ,ive gone to ALOT of games and none of there players have charged anything for an autograph. i just got an E-Lo autograph in June and Evan did it for free. i have never seen him charge anyone , and like ive said igo to alot of games.


  7. Lexii – it’s great to see that Evan is still signing for free at games. In fact, he signed a free autograph for me at the game in Toronto on 7/25 – the game that became the greatest comeback in Rays history!

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