The classiest player in MLB

January 21, 2009 at 11:47 am | Posted in Baseball, Rays | 6 Comments

Check out the half-page ad that Rocco Baldelli purchased in today’s St. Petersburg Times.  It definitely validates my sadness over the Rays losing him.  Congratulations Boston, you’re getting the classiest player in Major League Baseball!



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  1. These stories need to get circulated more often. We need to know the off the field good stories in baseball and sports not just the Plaxico Burress stories.

    I think Ben Zobrist is also gone from the Rays, I have him on my good guy list too.

  2. That is a classy move, one that has been done by some before him, most recently C.C. Sabathia to the fans of Cleveland.

  3. Kerry Wood took out a full page ad in this past Sunday’s Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times. Its nice to see that this is a growing trend.

  4. deal – Ben Zobrist is still with the Rays. I agree that he is one of the nicest players around. If you’re interested in him, do a Google search for his wife’s new CD – she’s a singer…

  5. That’s a great story Dave, thanks.

  6. That’s great – thanks for posting this Dave.

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