Who is Joe Collector?

January 28, 2009 at 6:16 pm | Posted in Blogs | 10 Comments


In June 2008, Gellman from Sports Cards Uncensored wrote a very entertaining post in which he coined the term “Joe Collector”.  The term immediately caught fire and soon it was being used in card blogs all over the internet.  Gellman eventually had to retire it because it was frequently being misused to characterize certain types of collectors contrary to its original intentions.  But even months later, I still see people refer to “Joe Collector” in blog posts almost daily, and it’s clear that the term’s original meaning has been completely forgotten.  Most commonly, people are using the term to refer to high end collectors in general, which is really inaccurate.  So I am writing today to remind everyone of the actual meaning of “Joe Collector”.  Here it is, from the SCU glossary:

These guys are those certain collectors that post all their maildays on message boards, use “Mojo” in really annoying ways (see also Mojo), live for making a profit on cards, and have no problem fighting you tooth and nail on any sensible point about the hobby. They are generally so UNINFORMED that they fight to remain in their ignorance. They price all their cards using Beckett instead of current market value, and they thrive on the glory that they supposedly get for everything. They use an abundance of exclamation points in anything they post and they love to make sure people know that they have a very high opinion of themselves.

There you have it.  To all of the card bloggers out there, please remember the actual definition of “Joe Collector” before using it in future blog posts.  That will make my experience in reading your blog much, much happier.  Thank you.  I’ll step down from my soapbox now…



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  1. Or you can go check out the tards posting over on Beckett’s message boards too. Some of their shit is so bad, I wish my parents had never taught me how to read.

  2. OMG, you should totally check out my new mailday video!!!!!! I GOT SOME MAD YSL MOJO! DiMAGGIO MOJO-ONICS!!!!! It has a beckett high value of $8 and I have eleventyseven of them which makes me rich!!!! LONG LIVE BECKETT and their supreme MOJO-ocity. Derek Jeter Mojo! Yankee Mojo!!!! I rulz! PWND!…sorry wrong community.

  3. Hahahahaha, this is awesome.

  4. I have never written the phrase before, because even the act of writing it makes me feel dirty.

  5. It’s this guy: http://iamjoecollector.blogspot.com/


  6. I think the term has evolved since it was introduced.

  7. Actually I had always heard the term used to describe “Joe everyone” or the average collector. I may not appear to be the average collector from my blog, but I think that anyone that could see my collection from the time it started to now would see that I am very average in my habits.

    I think of Gellman’s usage to be the exact opposite. Nobody I know posts their maildays, or yells out mojo or anything like that. Of course, I don’t know that many collectors anymore.

    Frankly Gellman’s definition describes a complete sucker. For example, those people that couldn’t wait a week or two to pick up Mayo or other releases. They pay a $30 premium per box to get it first. Buy hi sell low.

  8. To Jeff from “I am Joe Collector” – I wasn’t directing this to you at all. The funny thing is, you’re the complete antithesis of a “Joe Collector” based on Gellman’s definition. From reading your blog, it’s obvious that you’re a very intelligent collector.

  9. Thank you so much for posting this. I’m new to the hobby after a long layoff and have seen this term in the various blogs. I never quite got the true meaning. Now I do!

  10. Dave

    I didn’t take it as a shot at me at all. Gellman’s definition surely makes sense, but it is the opposite of how I had heard the term used before. I do think that there are entirely too many people that fit gellman’s definition but to a point there have always been.

    I think it is a dual meaning phrase. It certainly applies to the guy that was busting a ton of sportflics, telling us how much each card was worth and then letting us know that all of the cards are available “at full book value, of course.”. The of course really did it for me. I didn’t know there were people that still did that.

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