1984 Donruss Video Rack Pack Break!

January 30, 2009 at 12:46 am | Posted in Donruss-Playoff, My Cards, Video | 10 Comments

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I recently purchased a rack pack of 1984 Donruss baseball cards.  I finally got around to opening it on video today.  It was quite a thrill since 1984 Donruss is arguably the best looking set of the 1980s, and it’s unquestionably the top set of the first half of the decade.  It was also apparently produced in smaller quantities than 1984 Topps and 1984 Fleer, so you don’t see much of it around today, and it’s extremely rare to find unopened packs of it.  Before I bought this rack pack, I didn’t own any 1984 Donruss cards besides my Don Mattingly rookie.

Check out my rack pack break:

The breakdown:

  • 45 cards including 2 Diamond Kings, 2 Rated Rookies, 1 Hall of Famer, and 1 checklist
  • 3 Duke Snider puzzle pieces

Opening the rack pack makes me appreciate 1984 Donruss even more.  The card design is simply outstanding, especially considering its time period.  It is much, much better than anything that Donruss produced until at least 1992 (not including 1990 Leaf).  In addition, the Diamond King design from 1984 is the best of all-time, in my opinion, and it was the first year of Rated Rookies.  Of course, the Don Mattingly rookie card is iconic, and the set also includes rookies of Darryl Strawberry, Joe Carter, and Tony Fernandez.

I’d love to be able to collect an entire set of 1984 Donruss, but it’s tough to find rack packs for as cheap as the one that I bought (it was $10).  Unopened boxes sell for over $200.  Maybe if I continue to be unimpressed with the 2009 products, I’ll go for it.  After all, 1984 was the first year that I ever opened a pack of baseball cards (1984 Topps) so it’s a special year for me, and it was 25 years ago now.



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  1. I cannot agree with the best design of the 80’s comment but damn thanks for pointing out the set. The photography was so crisp!

  2. Great pack break. I love ’84 Donruss. It’s definitely the best Donruss set of the ’80s. Probably not the best set of the ’80s.

    I was waiting for you to pull a Dodger as I still haven’t seen all the Dodgers from that year (that set was hard to get even just buying packs that year).

    Great set. Great album. One of the best years of my life (so far).

  3. So what do you guys (and everyone else) consider to be the best set of the 1980s? I’d rank 1984 Donruss right up there with 1985 Topps, 1987 Topps, and 1989 Topps.

  4. I’ve always thought ’87 was Donruss’ best set. Great design, great rookie class. ’85’s close behind.

    The best set of the ’80s has to be ’83 Topps. The two photo design, the readable backs, three HOF rookies, Super Veteran cards… the set is just incredible. Of course that’s the set that really got me hooked on cards, so I’m biased.

  5. Thanks for doing a video of this. ’84 Donruss is tough and unopened is super tough other than ’84 Fleer Update which was only made to order about (35,000 sets I think) ’84 Donruss is the toughest major set produced in the 80’s. Too bad you didn’t get anybody, about 25 of the cards book for two dollars or more in Tuff Stuff and I don’t think you got any out of 45 cards! but you already have the Mattingly so that’s cool. I love the design and photography of these cards, very underrated for their time. And I love the green backs and red and blue bunting on the Diamond Kings. And did I mention this was the first set to say Rated Rookie on the front. Man, what’s not to love about this set!

  6. 1. 1983 Topps
    2. 1984 Donruss
    3. 1981 Topps – Great set, very overlooked. The only thing that hurts this set is the bland rookie trios
    4. 1987 Topps
    5. 1987 Fleer
    6. 1982 Topps
    7. 1983 Fleer

    What makes the 84 donruss set pop is not only the crisp photography, but the consistently cropped photos. All of the pics are the same size.

  7. Van Halen was a great choice of background music for this video – good job! I like the 1984 design and the photgraphy used was a huge upgrade from their previous issues but I always found the cards to be a little dark, maybe it’s just me. Of all of the sets from the 80’s I would say 83 Topps and 89 Topps are the best looking ones…

  8. My choice is 1988 Topps Big. Not for the Beckett followers but simply for the fun design, bright colors, and multiple photos per card.


  9. To me, 1983 Topps was the best set of the ’80s. I’ve never thought about was would be runner-up. It could be ’84 Donruss

  10. Love the retro donruss, and can go wrong with van halen!

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