Massive Trade Post – Part 2

February 3, 2009 at 3:08 am | Posted in Blogs, Trades | 4 Comments

This is Part 2 of my effort to catch up on posting about recent card trades.  You can check out Part 1 here.

9. I received another package from Justin of Tampa Bay Sports Wasteland.  I’ve made a few card trades with Justin in the past.  He helped me out with 12 Topps Stadium Club cards from my want list, and he threw in two Rays cards of Carl Crawford and Rocco Baldelli that were made by the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) in 2003 and given away at a (Devil) Rays Fan Fest.  Justin is a fan of both the Rays and the Orioles, so theoretically he should hate the Red Sox and Yankees twice as much.  Anyway, I sent some Orioles cards his way.  Justin is lucky enough to live in the Tampa Bay area, and he might be able to get a few autographs for me at the 2009 Rays Fan Fest coming up on February 14.  Words cannot describe how awesome of him that would be!  Here’s the unique Crawford DAV card:


10. As many of you already know, Dan from Saints of the Cheap Seats is one of the most generous traders out there.  The excitement of opening a package of cards from him is equaled only by the challenge of matching his generosity when sending cards out to him.  Recently, Dan sent me 68 different Rays cards (and one card of Anibal Sanchez, who I think Dan thought played for the Rays).  There was a great mix of vintage Devil Rays cards from the dark years (when I didn’t collect) and some more recent ones.  The highlight was a 2007 Bowman draft pick card of David Price, which I didn’t have.  It fits nicely into my growing Price collection, which is going to be skyrocketing soon with all of his 2009 cards.  Dan included a few hits, including a Justin Ruggiano refractor autograph from 2008 Topps Finest, a Nick Green autograph from 2005 Donruss Studio, and an Aubrey Huff bat card from 2005 Zenith.  Yep, Donruss-Playoff produced a Zenith set (an old Pinnacle brand) in 2005.  It’s a nice-looking card, which makes me hope even more that the MLB lawsuit against Donruss will get settled and Donruss will get their license back.  Hey, I can dream.  Anyway, here’s the Huff card:


And here is the best looking card that Dan sent, from 1999 Topps Gold Label:


I own a few Gold Label cards from different years now, and I have come to believe that Gold Label is the best looking product ever.  The scan really does not do this card justice.  When I hold it up to the light, it changes into a bunch of different colors.  It’s similar to a refractor, but even nicer.  I have no idea why Topps discontinued Gold Label, but I know that I’d be first in line to buy a hobby box of it if they ever brought it back.

11. Paul from Phungo sent 3 Stadium Club cards from my want list, and he also included seven custom cards that he made with photos that he took at games.  Here are three of my favorites:

Here’s James Shields from a double header in Baltimore that the Rays swept on 9/23:


Here’s B.J. Upton from Game 5 of the World Series:


And here’s the Rays new DH, Pat “The Bat” Burrell:


These custom cards are definitely a unique addition to my Rays collection.  Thanks, Paul!

12. A reader named Victor (a.k.a. “cub FANatico”) traded 10 Stadium Club cards and 22 Updates & Highlights cards in exchange for a bunch of my doubles from both of those sets.

13. Charlie from Hawk to the Hall sent a surprise package that included 36 different Rays cards.  The highlight was an Evan Longoria base card from 2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects that I didn’t have, so that becomes the 86th different Longoria card in my collection.  Another highlight was a couple of Bowman Chrome prospect refractors.  The 2008 Bowman Chrome refractors were truly some of the best looking cards of the year.  I’m trying to figure out if I have any spare Cubs that Charlie might want…

14. Chuck from Chuck’s Used Cards sent along some old Hartford Whalers and Carolina Hurricanes cards.  The highlights were a Kevin Dineen card and a Bobby Holik rookie.  Chuck collects both Yankees and Red Sox (imagine that!) so I should be able to put together a nice package to send back to him.

15. I also received an unexpected package from Pete of Dropped Third Strike.  Pete sent four Rays Upper Deck Documentary cards, including an Evan Longoria, which is now the 87th Longoria card in my collection.  He also sent an Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Hobby Preview card of Longoria, but I already had a few copies of that one.  In addition, he got me one card closer to finishing my 2008 Goudey short print set with an Andre Dawson Sport Royalty card (#286).  Finally, he sent 14 Topps Updates & Highlights cards including the last 4 that I needed to complete the set.  The final 4 that I needed were Connor Robertson (UH37), Hanley Ramirez & Albert Pujols Classic Combos (UH136), Kyle Lohse (UH310), and Ben Sheets All Star (UH316).  So I definitely owe a huge thanks to Pete (and many other people) for completing the set for me!

16. Finally, I received a very interesting package from Mark of Mark’s Ephemera.  His blog is new and definitely worth checking out.  And “ephemera” is definitely worth looking up in the dictionary.  Anyway, Mark sent a Devil Rays 1998-99 calendar that appears to have been a giveway at Tropicana Field during their first season.  It features great pictures of many of the franchise “firsts” from the 1998 season.  Mark also included a copy of the November 1994 Beckett Baseball Card Monthly.  It’s the 10th anniversary issue and it has Frank Thomas and Ken Griffey Jr. on the cover.  Reading through it, I was struck by how much he hobby and Beckett have changed over the last 15 years.  There are some very interesting ads and articles.  These two items from Mark are really worthy of their own post.  I’ll scan some pages from the calendar and the Beckett and share them with you later this week…



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  1. Not to be rude, but the Gold Label card is actually from 1999. I agree with you about Gold Label, one of the best looking sets ever. I’d love to see it back too, but if they did that (knowing Topps), they’d probably make it some super high-end product that I wouldn’t touch and probably would design it simliar to 2002 (the last year)’s version, which I felt looked awkward with the gigantic font.


  2. John – the copyright date on the back says 2000 – did they wait until early 2000 to release the 1999 Gold Label set? Hopefully Topps learned their lesson with Stadium Club in 2008…

  3. Hmm. That’s weird. I looked at my copy of that card and it says 1999. It was not released in early ’00. The design for 2000 was way different:

    Also, in 2000, the fracturing of the set (the 3 Classes) was irrelevant as Class 2 and 3 cards weren’t shortprinted. Just a tidbit.

  4. John, I checked the card again when I got home from work today, and you’re absolutely right. I just changed the post to say 1999 instead of 2000. I’m not sure how I got it wrong, but blogging at 3:00 AM probably has something to do with it…

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