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February 7, 2009 at 1:31 pm | Posted in My Cards, Topps | 4 Comments

Continuing with the theme of buying cards that I really want instead of spending a lot of money on boxes of cards that I’ll be disappointed with, check out a card that I recently bought on eBay and received earlier this week:


That’s an autograph of one of my heroes, Keith Olbermann, #71/100, from 2009 Topps American Heritage.  I think he has a great looking signature.  American Heritage is an interesting product.  I have a strong interest in American history, but I’m waiting for the price of boxes to come down a little bit more before I start collecting it.  But as soon as I found out about this card, I knew that I wanted to own it.  So I headed to eBay, and I was able to obtain it for just a little over $30.

Keith Olbermann is someone who people either love or hate, depending on their political ideology.  Since I just called Olbermann a hero, you can tell which side of the fence I’m on.  I’ve been a fan of his since the early 1990s when he formed the most entertaining partnership of Sports Center anchors of all-time with Dan Patrick.  After he left ESPN in 1997, Olbermann bounced around between several different networks until he found a home on MSNBC as the host of Countdown with Keith Olbermann in 2003.  The show wasn’t very successful when it first started, but then a few years ago, Olbermann started his “Special Comments”, in which he delivers strongly worded criticism of political figures who have led the country and the world down the wrong path.  The most frequent recipient of his Special Comments is former President George W. Bush.  After that, the show’s popularity began to skyrocket, as Olbermann began to fill a much-needed role as a left-leaning political talk show host, to counterbalance prominent right-leaning hosts like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity on other networks.  Olbermann is also one of the co-hosts of NBC’s Sunday night football pregame show.

I watch Countdown at least a few times a week, and what makes me admire Keith Olbermann even more is his involvement in the baseball card hobby.  He’s been collecting since his childhood, and he began publishing articles in various collecting publications as a teenager in the 1970s.  According to his Wikipedia entry, Olbermann now makes $7.5 million per year, so he has a huge amount of discretionary income to spend on cards.  This became well known in 2006 when he began buying up a huge number of the short-printed Alex Gordon Topps rookie cards.  He also has a large collection of T-206 tobacco cards, and he’s a consultant for Topps.

Olbermann had an autographed Bowman Heritage card a few years ago, and a rare tie relic card in Allen & Ginter.  Both cards sell for a lot of money when they appear on eBay, so I think this American Heritage autograph card is a pretty good investment, especially since there are only 100 copies.  Olbermann and I have a lot in common.  We’re both huge sports fans, baseball card collectors, and Democrats, all of which makes this card an awesome addition to my collection!


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  1. It’s cool getting cards like this. A while back I picked up some Marln Brando cards out of the Donruss americana, or whatever it was called. I love Brando.

  2. Sounds like you are a lefty…Olbermann is the voice of the reason for a nation, though I do remember him when he was doing a local [Southern California/LA] sports TV highlight show back in 1990 and also on ESPN.

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  4. Dave,

    Great post on Olbermann. He used to be an editor of one of the first card collecting magazines called “Collectors Quarterly”. I’ve got a few pages from the magazine including Keith’s editorial (and picture!) posted here:

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