A couple of awesome Evan Longoria cards

February 8, 2009 at 7:32 pm | Posted in My Cards, Topps, Upper Deck | 6 Comments

My Evan Longoria collection has now reached 92 different cards, surpassing the number of Tim Lincecum cards that Bailey from The Nennth Inning has.  Here are a couple of recent acquisitions that I wanted to share on my blog…

First, here is Longoria’s exclusive mini from 2008 Allen & Ginter:


This is a pretty cool card to own.  It’s one of the cards that could be pulled from a rip card.  It’s called an “exclusive mini” because it’s only available as a mini; there is no full-size version of the card.  This is definitely one of the more limited 2008 Evan Longoria rookie cards.  I really like the picture on the card, and I wish that Topps had chosen to use it for Longoria’s regular Allen & Ginter card.  Instead they used a picture that makes it look like he’s asleep:

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter

The second card that I wanted to show off is the card that I think will go down as the best Evan Longoria rookie card from 2008, the autograph card from Upper Deck Ultimate with the autograph on a jumbo swatch of a game-used jersey.  My card is #42/99:


You might recall that this is the same card that I posted about a few weeks ago when someone was selling a purported “1/1” copy of the card on eBay and asking for $2,999.99 with “Buy it Now”.  It wasn’t really a 1/1, but the serial number was 3, which is Longoria’s jersey number.  The seller didn’t sell it with the ridiculous “Buy it Now” price, but then he relisted it and sold it for $255.  I am proud to say that my card is also a “1/1” because its serial number is 42, which is the number of runs that Longoria scored for Long Beach State in 2006.  It cost me $132.50.  Yes, that’s a lot, but it’s not much more than a hobby box of Ultimate would cost me, and I got the card that I wanted.  And like I said, this is the best 2008 Longoria rookie out there, in my opinion, and it’s limited to only 99 copies.



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  1. Cool mini. That pic looks familiar but I can’t place it. We were looking through a dime box at a show today when a dealer from across the room spotted Isaac and gave him a Longoria die-cut X rookie! I looked at the guy and asked him if he was serious. Go figure!

  2. That’s awesome! I hope that Isaac becomes an Evan Longoria collector, in addition to the other players that he likes.

  3. You may get your wish… although if all the young guns the Cardinals have pan out, particularly Rasmus, Wallace, & Perez, he may have too many to choose from. He picked up a few Sizemore’s and Braun’s today to add to this binder.

  4. Wow, is that Ultimate THE Longoria card of 2008?

  5. Very nice mini. Ok. Which card is your fave as of this point in 2009: that Longoria mini or the Keith O.? Search your card soul. Demanding readers want to know.

  6. Patricia – well, the mini is actually a 2008 card, but I’d go with the Olbermann card. I have 94 Evan Longoria cards and only one of Keith Olbermann, and it’s autographed!

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