9 more days…

February 14, 2009 at 2:24 am | Posted in Topps | 6 Comments

Only 9 more days until the most anticipated (by me) baseball card product of the year is released – 2009 Topps Heritage!

I ordered two hobby boxes from Captain Collect on eBay today, and hopefully I’ll have them in my hands as soon as possible after the release date.  I am psyched!  I will open the boxes on video, and post the video to YouTube and the blog on the day that I receive them.

Here’s Topps’ preview video to get you ready for what’s to come:

You can also check out the checklist here.  I am excited that both Evan Longoria and Scott Kazmir will be featured on New Age Performers inserts!

It’ll be like Christmas in February – or all eight nights of Hannukah in February!



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  1. I’m getting a little itchy for this too. The American Heritage set is helping me to pass the days until it comes out. I’m planning to pick up a box from the local shop and do my patented “Drag it out all week” box bust posts.

  2. They left out Ortiz. 500 cards and they couldn’t find one for one of the biggest names in baseball?

  3. On second look Red Sox are lacking in the set not just Ortiz. Yes they got Pedroia, Youkilis, Jacoby, Penny, Tito (seriously why make a manager card and no Ortiz?), Papelbon and Lowell but no Beckett, Dice-k, Bay, JD, Masterson (no base but 3 autos, that makes lots of sense), Hideki, Schmoltz, or Varitek(ok, he didn’t sign till late I can understand him being left off, never mind because pudgeis in there and still not signed). Ortiz Beckett and Dike-K are pretty big stars not to have base cards. I know I am being selfish wanting but I have to think Topps know there are a bunch of Red Sox collectors out there. I guess this just means I will have an easier time putting together my team set and moving on to another product. (now watch all the Red Sox included will be SPs)

  4. That is strange, Adam. All of the big names on the Rays have cards, so it’s nice to see that they’re getting a lot of respect. My guess is that Topps is saving those Red Sox players and probably some other big names from other teams for Heritage High Numbers. One of the complaints that many people had about 2008 Heritage High Numbers was the lack of stars. This might be their solution.

  5. dangit no inserts for big pelf, owell at least hes in it!

  6. I love Heritage. It is probably one of my favorite sets, and I really don’t know why. I guess it is probably because it doesn’t look like todays cards, which seem to look virtually the same year in and year out. I’ll be eagerly awaiting my Pujols cards 🙂

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