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Holy cow – the blog just got its 50,000th hit today!  That really snuck up on me.  It was only a little over two months ago that I celebrated my 25,000th hit.  So I’ve had just as many readers in the last two months as I had in my entire first six months of blogging.  I’m not sure if the quality of my writing improved, or if it was the increased frequency of my posts that caused the increase.  If anyone knows what I’ve been doing right, let me know, and I’ll be sure to keep doing it.  But whatever the case might be, it is a great feeling to know that this blog has been visited over 50,000 times.  Thanks to everyone who has ever taken time out of their day to read my posts, and a huge thanks to everyone who has left comments or emailed me.  I absolutely love getting feedback and hearing people’s thoughts about the things I’ve written about – it makes the whole blogging experience worthwhile for me.  Almost every time I write a post, I keep checking back to see if there are any comments, and I cheer to myself when I see one.

So I’ve finally decided to do something that will hopefully make it easier for even more people to find their way here.  I registered a domain name for the blog.  You can now reach Fielder’s Choice at http://www.fielderschoiceblog.com.  You’ll still be able to get here the old way too, by using https://fielderschoice.wordpress.com.  There’s no need to update your bookmarks, links, or feed readers unless you really want to.  Just don’t get confused and go to http://fielderschoice.blogspot.com or you’ll wind up at this incredibly awesome blog.

Anyway, I’ll be referring to the new URL in my YouTube videos and I’m working on a new banner that will also contain the new URL.  Speaking of YouTube videos, I just received a few boxes from Dave & Adam’s that I ordered last week, and I opened them on video this afternoon.  One of them was quite possibly the most awesome product that I’ve ever opened.  I’ll be posting a Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects break that I did a few weeks ago later today, and then I’ll start posting the new stuff.  Trust me, at least one of them will blow you away…

The next few months should be pretty eventful here at Fielder’s Choice.  Next week I’ll be busting two boxes of 2009 Topps Heritage as soon as I receive them.  There will be a lot of posts coming up about the new baseball season.  There will be updates about the Rays, the blogger fantasy league that I’m starting, and my spring training trip to Florida in March.  I’m also starting to plan a trip to New York City in June, where I hope to see games at both the new Yankee Stadium and the new Mets stadium.  And then in July, I’m planning to attend the National.

My goal now is to reach 100,000 hits by the one-year anniversary of the blog on June 14, 2009!



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  1. Congrats, Dave but you gotta stop teasing your box breaks cause it drives me nuts wondering what the heck it is!

  2. Congrats Dave you seseve it! keep it up and hit that 100,00 mark! Grant. old school pack buster

  3. Congrats – Dave
    You are the best !!!!!

  4. Dave – Congrats! If it is any additional consolation, your blog was the first baseball card blog I bookmarked and started reading just a few months back. I really appreciate your great writing and insights on the hobby. Thank you.

    Now, onto this most awesome product!?!?!?! You can’t leave us loyal readers hanging this!!! At least offer up a hint?

  5. New York in June?! Good thing you know someone who can get you tickets at a decent price… But that may mean you would have to sit near me (sorry in advance). 🙂

    I will admit, I also look for comments when I post things because I like the back and forth banter with everyone.

  6. Thanks for the comments guys. I’m not sure that I could give a hint about the amazing product that I was referring to without giving it away. But you’ll see it soon enough.
    Marie – I’m targeting the June 5 – 8 Rays vs. Yankees series. I’ll talk to you about tickets after I secure a place to stay in NYC. Just don’t put me in a section with crazy drunks who like to harass fans of the visiting team!

  7. Jun 5 – 8 eh? Maybe I need to make a trip up to Jersey to “visit family” and maybe catch a game at the new Stadium.

  8. Congrats to you as well for 50,000 hits which an even bigger accomplishment. I can’t wait to see some new box breaks!

  9. Congratulations on 50,000!!!!

  10. cool Dave! Hope I see you up here in NY!

  11. Congrats to Isaac’s favorite trader!

  12. congrats Dave. keep the good work

  13. Congrats Dave!

  14. Congrats on 50K, that was pretty damn quick!

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