2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Hobby Box Break

February 21, 2009 at 12:45 am | Posted in My Cards, Topps, Video | 4 Comments

So one of my best talents is procrastination.  I bought a hobby box of 2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects at a card show before Christmas.  I finally opened it on January 29 and posted my break to YouTube that same day.  Since then, I’ve been putting off writing this post.  I’m finally writing it because I filmed a few new breaks today, including one that was incredibly awesome, and I want to get this posted before I post my new breaks.  Here we go…

The hobby box contained 24 packs of 7 cards each, and it took me long enough to open that I needed to divide it into two videos for YouTube.  Here’s Part 1 (the first 13 packs):

And here’s Part 2 (the final 11 packs):

So why did I delay posting this for so long?  To be honest, it wasn’t a very exciting break, and I figured that it would be even less exciting for people to watch than it was for me to actually experience the box break first hand.  If you can only watch one video box break this weekend, I’d definitely recommend watching my next one instead of this.

So why wasn’t it exciting?  There are a few reasons.  First, as most people know, Topps was not able to print cards of most of the top 2008 draft picks because they had signed exclusive contracts with Razor.  So the chance to get a highly valuable rookie card is significantly diminished from previous years.  Despite that, there’s no question that the quality of the actual cards is much higher than Razor’s Signature Series draft product.  But even with a good card design and a lot of good prospects who were not 2008 draftees, Topps made this set overly complicated.  There are basically two checklists: one for rookies and one for prospects who have not reached the majors yet.  On top of that, there are base and chrome versions of each of the cards.  So there are really four different sets in this one product.  Topps also loads the box with tons of meaningless gold parallels of the regular Bowman cards (I got 24 of them).  This is unfortunate because one of my favorite things about Bowman brands is the refractors.  This year’s Bowman Chrome refractors look spectacular.  But I only received two regular refractors and one Xfractor in the whole box.

Here’s the breakdown of what I got:

  • 47 base Bowman rookie cards (out of 55 in the set).  This includes Evan Longoria, but it’s really the same rookies that we’ve seen in almost every other 2008 product.
  • 15 Bowman Chrome rookie cards (out of 55 in the set)
  • 48 Bowman prospect cards (out of 110 in the set)
  • 29 Bowman Chrome prospect cards (out of 110 in the set)
  • 8 Bowman Gold rookie parallel cards
  • 16 Bowman Gold prospect parallel cards
  • 1 Bowman Blue parallel card (Fernando Martinez #382/399)
  • 2 Bowman Chrome Refractors (Micah Hoffpauir and Charlie Morton)
  • 1 Bowman Chrome Xfractor (Mat Gamel #174/199)
  • 1 Bowman Chrome Autograph (Anthony Hewitt)

I was happy with the Blue parallel of F-Mart, who is a very highly touted Mets outfield prospect.  A refractor would have been nicer than a regular blue parallel though.  The Mat Gamel Xfractor is definitely awesome.  If you haven’t heard of Gamel, you will soon.  He’s a third baseman for Milwaukee, and he’s one of the leading contenders for the N.L. Rookie of the Year award.  I predict that he’ll have a big impact this year.  The autograph was Anthony Hewitt, who was the Phillies first round pick in 2008.  He drafted out of high school as a shortstop.  So I got just as many first round pick autographs out of this box as I did from my Razor box, which contained a total of 10 autographs.  Hewitt had an absolutely horrendous season in the rookie-level Gulf Coast League though.  Just check out his stats to see what I mean.  Maybe Phillies fans can tell me if there’s any reason to be optimistic about him.

Here are the scans of the best cards from the box:




You can pick up a box of Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects for $62.95 on eBay, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  I remember paying less than that, but I can’t recall the exact amount.  I don’t think that this product is worth buying until the price drops below $50.  The product has potential, but it really suffers from the lack of big-name draft picks.  I’m hoping that Razor goes out of business before the end of 2009 so that Topps can once again make a great draft pick set.  I’d also like to see a simpler set configuration in the future.  Do we really need regular Bowman cards?  Why not just make all of the cards chrome?  And of course, I’d like to see many more refractors than what I received in my box.



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  1. Hewitt is a High Risk/ High reward prospect for the Phils. According to what I have read he a good athlete, with tremendous power potential, but has a lot of learning to do. He is from the northeast so their baseball season isn’t as long up here.

    I am interested in building the Futures games prospect set (BDPP cards #66-110 ) and plan on sending you an email regarding this if you feel like trading some the cards from this break.

  2. The value of a Mets prospect may go down the drain if they choke and collapse again. AHAHAHAHAHA I hate the Mets. I just felt like using that reference, and here seemed like a good time.

  3. Awesome hit on the Gamel refractor.

  4. Hewitt is a typical Phillies draft pick. Really toolsy with little polish, but it has seemed to work out recently.

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