Some great pulls from free packs!

February 24, 2009 at 2:22 am | Posted in My Cards, Upper Deck | 11 Comments

When I ordered the Joe DiMaggio set from Dave & Adam’s Card World, I spent enough money to earn two free packs of 2007 Upper Deck Elements with my order.  I wasn’t expecting much from these packs, so I was very surprised when I actually pulled two very nice hits from them.  Check it out:



Not a bad haul from two free packs!  There are 15 packs in a hobby box of 2007 Elements, and three hits in each box.  So there’s only a one-in-five chance of pulling a hit from an individual pack.  Each box has one relic card, one autograph, and one autographed relic card – so I pulled the two best hits from the box that these packs came from.

I’m not the only one who’s had good luck with free packs of Elements from Dave & Adam’s.  Bailey from The Nennth Inning got some hits in his free packs too.  Elements is a pretty decent product.  It features cards made on three different types of card stock.  The “PETG” cards are particularly nice; the card material is similar to hard plastic.  With all of the pointless products on Upper Deck’s 2009 release calendar, reviving the Elements brand wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Even better, they could release a set of all PETG cards.  2007 Elements is also a pretty good deal.  You can buy hobby boxes from Dave & Adam’s for $40.95 – or you can try your luck with the free packs like I did…

It’s great stuff like this (and my free hobby box of SP Rookie Edition) that makes Dave & Adam’s my online card shop of choice.  I also picked up a few other boxes from them, and I’ll be posting my box break videos later this week.  I’ll give you some hints: one box was from 2004, one was from 2007, and one was from 2008 – and all were very good deals.  Unfortunately, Dave & Adam’s sold out of their pre-orders for 2009 Topps Heritage, so I had to order my two Heritage hobby boxes from Captain Collect on eBay.  Those should be arriving any day now, and I am psyched!



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  1. I touched on the topic of ‘loaded’ free packs from D&A in a previous post on Sac Bunt. EVERY free pack I’ve gotten from D&A has had either a game-used, an auto, or a low-numbered parallel. Is this a coincidence or do they have a master plan to suck us in? Either way I’m OK with it as long as the product and prices continue to be strong!


  2. Dave – Great recommendations on good values in the market! Please keep them coming. I took your suggestion on 07 SP Rookie and was thrilled with the product at $26 / box. It is not for everyone, but was exactly what I was looking for and never would have found without your recommendation.

    How about adding a “Dave Deals” or “Dave’s Best Values” page to the blog with links to the best values / deals each week / weekend that you find on boxes at D&A / Blowout / etc? I know, probably a lot of work for you. Maybe do a coordinated effort with Wax Heaven & Uncensored? Just a thought…

  3. Trade ya for the Peavy… travis @ punkrockpaint . com

  4. Gavin – I agree with you on the 07 SP Rookie. I bought two boxes on Dave’s recommendation at $22/box and am very pleased although my signatures were horrid out of the first box (Jesus Flores and Sean Henn).

  5. I got a nice hit out of free packs from there too. Elements as well.

    Those cards are both really nice. I love them both.

  6. Well – I guess that it makes good business sense for D&A to send out “loaded” free packs – to make people want to keep ordering from them. I just wonder what they do with the packs that don’t contain hits…
    Gavin and Chris – it’s awesome to know that you guys took my advice with 2007 SP Rookie Edition! I’m glad that I could help to steer you guys in the right direction. I think that a theme of my blog lately has been to let people know about good deals in the hobby. I feel like I wasted a lot of money in 2008 and now I’m smarter about it and I want to share my gained knowledge with others. The idea for a “Dave’s Deals” page is a good one, but I think I’ll do that as a series of posts instead of a page…

  7. Dave, Your always on top of your game! Or just damn lucky! Your advice really helps me out because im broke right now!

  8. That Peavy is nice. Your’re veeeery lucky. I’m normally buying from Blowout but I’ll give D&A next time and check their prices. Tks for the advice

  9. Nice hits!! I love the Utley. I got free packs as well from them, and pulled a nice Berkman patch card with 2 patches. DAC is one of my favorites as well.

  10. DAVE!! Save the Utley!! SWEET!!!!! 🙂 Let’s talk……(looks for some Rays MOJO!!)…..

  11. I had a nice pull out of my free Dave and Adam’s packs as well. I picked the Elements packs just to see what the product was all about because I was thinking of picking up a box and never expected to pull something like this that would go right into my collection.

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