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February 26, 2009 at 11:38 am | Posted in Blogs | 7 Comments

It’s been a while since I’ve given any “shout outs” to other blogs.  There have been a lot of new card blogs lately, and I don’t want anyone to feel left out.  But I was inspired to do some shouting out when Jawdy, who is my favorite YouTube box breaker, a frequent trading partner, and a friend, finally started his own blog.  It’s a dual effort with another YouTube breaker, JoshSamBob.  I’m not as familiar with JoshSamBob’s YouTube videos, but I’ll be checking them out.  Anyway, the blog is Cardaholics Anonymous, and it’s definitely worth checking out!  There have been some great posts already from both Jawdy and JoshSamBob, and I have a feeling that it won’t be long before this blog will be one that I read daily!

There are some other relatively new blogs that I also want to mention here.  Again, I don’t want anyone to feel left out; if you don’t see your blog here, it’s probably because I don’t consider it new, or I haven’t had enough time to check it out.  If you have a new blog and I don’t have a link to it yet on the sidebar, let me know if you’d like to do a link exchange.  Here are the other blogs that I’d like to give a “shout out” to:

  • Blue Diamond Cards – This blog is from a Dodgers fan who lives in Brooklyn, who I traded with a few months back.  So far, he’s provided some interesting commentary on topics like Razor, sticker autographs, and historic memorabilia that is cut up for cards.
  • Mike Pelfrey Collectibles – This is a new blog from one of the most frequent commenters on my blog and other card blogs.  I’d guess that Anthony is the most dedicated Mike Pelfrey collector in the world.  If Pelfrey had more cards, I am sure that his Pelfrey collection would outnumber my Longoria collection.  The blog also features commentary on many other baseball card topics.
  • Sac Bunt Baseball Card Blog – This blog has quickly emerged as one of the most interesting reads in the card blogosphere.  It’s written by two guys in Virginia: Chris, who is an Orioles fan, and John, who is a Twins fan.  This is another blog that could become a daily read for me in the near future.
  • Ryan’s Memorabilia Blog – Another blog from an Orioles fan.  It is great to see another blog from a fan of one of the non-evil A.L. East teams.  Hopefully we’ll see some Blue Jays card blogs soon too.  Anyway, one of the cool things about this blog is that Ryan’s wife has been getting interested in collecting and writing some posts.  It’s always interesting to read a woman’s perspective on cards.
  • Jesse’s Cards – Jesse has some interesting posts, and he told me that hasn’t gotten many readers so far.  He was very generous in a recent trade with me (more on that later) so I hope that this shout out helps his blog to gain some visibility!

Finally, I want to acknowledge a couple of established blogs that I’ve been reading for a long time, but now I’m finding myself checking back several times a day due to their high quality:

  • Bad Wax – Two words: Craigslist Idiots.  This new feature is one of the most entertaining things that I’ve ever read on any blog.  Whenever I see a new Craigslist Idiot post, I immediately drop everything that I’m doing and read it immediately.  The hilarity makes me laugh out loud almost every time.
  • A Cardboard Problem – Even though they’re Yankees fans, Marie and Sooz are both excellent writers and provide the rare female perspective on the card collecting hobby.  They usually post multiple times per day and it’s always interesting.  I’ve also made trades with both of them, and I’m participating in their fantasy baseball league.

So check out all of the blogs that I’ve mentioned here, and all of the others in the card blogosphere.  It’s amazing that there are so many talented writers sharing their thoughts on cards.  It’s just more proof that here in the 21st century, Beckett is completely irrelevant!



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  1. “one of the most interesting reads in the card blogosphere.” Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words Dave, as you know your blog is an inspiration to us both and helped us get excited about getting back into collecting and to launch our own blog. Thanks for the support!


  2. Wow Dave, Thanks for the mention!

  3. Awesome plug, Dave – thanks so much!

    We’re gunning for that “BIVD” section of the blogroll – just watch!

  4. Thanks for the “shout out” Dave!

  5. YOU DA MAN!! Thanks Dave. Appreciated!!!! You were one of the ones who has paved the way!

  6. Thanks for the mention, it means a lot

  7. Dave as always, thanks a lot for the shout outs. We got to go to a Bulls game sometime.


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