Amazing amount of hobby love for the Rays

March 1, 2009 at 1:27 am | Posted in Rays, Topps, Upper Deck | 6 Comments

So check out what the 2009 Bowman hobby boxes are going to look like:


Yep, that’s David Price pictured on the box and on the packs.  This is just one example of the incredible amount of attention that the Rays have been getting from Topps and Upper Deck recently.  Every product preview that I’ve read on Wax Heaven lately seems to feature Evan Longoria, David Price, or both.  For a sampling, check out this image that Mario posted showing images of five different 2009 Upper Deck products; all but one of them is of a Rays player:


Somebody even told me that Longoria is pictured on the cover of the current Beckett magazine.  It’s crazy.  One of the things that drew me back into the hobby about a year ago was how cheap all of the Rays autograph cards were.  I was able to load up on autographs of Carl Crawford, B.J. Upton, Carlos Pena, Scott Kazmir, James Shields, and many others for about $5 – $10 each.  Many of the same cards are selling for twice as much money today, even though the poor economy has led to a decline in the value of most cards.  I also remember being frustrated by how the card companies seemed to intentionally minimize the number of Rays in each card set.  The vast majority of 2007 and 2008 card sets included cards of Crawford, Upton, Kazmir, and no other Rays.  It’s incredible how much the amazing 2008 season can change things…

Suddenly I live in a world where Evan Longoria and David Price are the hottest names in the entire card hobby, and extra Rays cards are being included in every set due to their appearance in the 2008 World Series.  The Rays have gone from being hobby pariahs to hobby messiahs!  Despite how horrible most upcoming 2009 baseball card products look, it should be a fun year to load up on all of the great Rays cards being produced.

All of the attention on the Rays certainly is strange.  There have even been a few people on the internet who have accused me of being a band wagon jumper.  Little do they know that one of my biggest reasons for becoming a Rays fan in the early part of this decade was that they had absolutely no band wagon to jump on.  I loved being a fan of a new team that had never had a decent season so that I could follow their minor leaguers and watch them try to grow into a winning team someday.

Well, “someday” arrived quite suddenly last year.  It is a much different experience to be a Rays fan now.  And even though I am about the furthest thing imaginable from a band wagon jumper, I do hope that many people, especially in Florida, jump on the band wagon this year.  The Rays definitely need to see an increase in attendance at Tropicana Field and an increase in TV ratings to help build a case for getting a new stadium built.  And they’re also going to need an increase in revenue to be able to afford to keep all of their good young players around for many years.  The thought of seeing B.J. Upton or Matt Garza in Yankees uniforms in 2013 makes me want to vomit…



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  2. To many rays! Well at least the Yankee love has declined somewhat! And Im surprised theres no representatives of the “world Champion” Phillies.

  3. I don’t see a need for the Rays to really get a new stadium, I love going to Tropicana, it is a nice change from other parks in my opinion.

  4. He sure is on the cover, I have the magazine sitting right next to me. I usually buy one here and there. I stopped buying them for the most part when they decided $8 was a normal price for a magazine.

  5. Another choking hazard label! Whats up with those, It was funny with arod but what is there really for a child to choke on?

  6. I also saw a MLB2K9 commercial last night that prominently featured Longoria!

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