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So I’ve had a link to Sportlots on my sidebar ever since I started this blog, and I’ve also mentioned it to a few people through email or Google Talk conversations.  But I wanted to write a post about it for two reasons.  First, it is a great place to buy cards, particularly if you’re looking for a few more singles to complete a set.  I’ve found that eBay is a great place to buy hobby boxes, autograph cards, and relic cards, but Sportlots makes it much easier to buy regular singles that I need.  I’ve been able to complete a few sets from buying cards on Sportlots, and I’ve also been able to find some cheap Rays cards to add to my collection.  In addition, the shipping rates are usually much lower than what I normally pay on eBay, and I’ve never had problems with any sellers.  The second reason is that I just found out that they have an affiiliate program, through which I can get 4% of all orders from people that I refer to Sportlots.  Since I already have a link to Sportlots, and I really do consider it to be one of the best places to buy cards on the internet, I might as well take advantage of this.

So if you’ve never used Sportlots before, I encourage you to check it out and buy something.  And if you’d like to help me out a little, you can go to Sportlots through this link, or through this graphic:



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  1. Sportslots and I do not get along.

  2. What I love: Can fill singles I need, shipping is fair.

    What I Hate: Site design/navigation, I can buy lots on ebay for cheaper ($.05/card or less).

  3. I finished my 88 Score set with Sportslots and I’ll probably be buying the last several cards I need for my 87 Topps set there soon. And I’ll probably add to my Steve Avery collection through Sportslots.

    If I thought I could sell enough volume to make it worth it, I’d try to get rid of some of my extra cards that way.

    Great site.

  4. Cool Dave Ill check it out!

  5. Never tried it – Ill check it out through your link. Thanks

  6. It is loading indefinitely for me. Maybe I should try again late.r

  7. yea mine didnt load

  8. I’ve used Sportlots in the past to both buy and sell and it has so much potential, but right now there are some things keeping it from getting a big following.

    The navigation is the biggest problem with buying. I was searching for singles to finish my 1995 SportFlix football set on there and it was a pain searching the list of sellers for each card to try and find the same guy to minimize shipping while also trying to keep card cost down. It’s even worse when searching by player. They need to let you search by seller within a list of results.

    On the other side of things, the fees for selling are ridiculous. For a site made for selling of singles, the fees are way too high if that’s all that you are selling. I’d love to sell on there, but after having a $4 in sales month where they took away half of that, I’m thinking of pulling my inventory from the site.

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