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As promised, here’s my follow-up post on my two 2009 Topps Heritage hobby boxes.  You can check out the videos here if you missed them.  First, here’s the breakdown of what I got in each box:

Box 1:

  • 171 base cards (1 – 425)
  • 8 short prints – Carlos Gomez (433), Elijah Dukes (440), Frank Thomas (454), Pirates Coaches (467), Austin Kearns (473), Troy Tulowitzki (478), Chipper Jones All Star (486), Kosuke Fukudome All Star (492)
  • 5 chrome cards – Nick Markakis, Aramis Ramirez, Mat Gamel, Ken Griffey Jr., Jay Bruce
  • 1 refractor – Travis Snider
  • 1 New Age Performers – Tim Lincecum
  • 1 Then & Now – Bob Friend & Cliff Lee
  • 2 Baseball Flashbacks – Mickey Mantle, Luis Aparicio
  • 2 News Flashbacks – USS Seadragon Surfaces at North Pole, First Televised Presidential Debate
  • 1 “Real One” certified autograph – Taylor Phillips (ROA-TP)
  • 1 1960 Buyback – Ruben Gomez (82)
  • 1 Advertising Panel – Cole Hamels, Juan Pierre, Yunel Escobar

Not counting the box toppers, I got 192 total cards in my 24 packs.

Box 2:

  • 169 base cards (1 – 425)
  • 8 short prints – Zach Duke (437), Kevin Millar (448), Rays Coaches (462), Brad Ausmus (471), Josh Willingham (474), Lance Berkman All Star (482), Dustin Pedroia All Star (483), Matt Holliday (494)
  • 4 chrome cards – Derek Jeter, James Loney, Adrian Gonzalez, Travis Snider
  • 1 refractor – Nick Markakis
  • 2 New Age Performers – David Wright, Cole Hamels
  • 1 Then & Now – Mickey Mantle & Adam Dunn
  • 2 Baseball Flashbacks – Juan Marichal, Frank Robinson
  • 2 News Flashbacks – 50-star U.S. flag, JFK elected as 35th President
  • 1 Clubhouse Collection relic – Kevin Millwood (CC-KM)
  • 1 Advertising Panel – Corey Patterson, Pat Burrell, Brian Bannister

I got 190 cards in this box, two less than the first box due to the thickness of the jersey card.

The amazing thing is that I did not get ANY doubles in my two boxes!  I was happily surprised by this.  So I already have 340 of the 425 non-short print base cards.  In addition to not receiving any doubles, the lack of black back parallels makes 2009 Heritage a much easier set to build than the 2008 version.  Because of this, I don’t plan to buy any more hobby boxes or packs.  I’ll just buy the 85 cards that I still need on eBay or Sportlots.  Of course, the hobby boxes are ridiculously overpriced right now anyway.  They’re currently selling for $80 or more, which is way too much to pay for a product like this.  I was fortunate enough to snag my hobby boxes for $62.50 each (with free shipping) during the pre-sell period.

I really like the cards, at least as much as I liked 2008 Heritage.  1960 Topps was a very nice, colorful design, and the cards have a lot of character.  The chrome and refractor parallels are great as usual, and the same standard Heritage inserts are included.  Unlike 2008, it’s easy to determine which cards are short prints, since they’re all grouped between number 426 and 500, and their backs are darker.  The “hits” are worthless, but that’s pretty much expected with Heritage.

By now, everyone knows what the base cards look like, and if you don’t, you can see every one of them in my videos.  Here are some scans of the inserts that I pulled:


I had never heard of Taylor Phillips before I pulled this card, and for good reason.  He had a very lousy career as evidenced by his statistics.  I really wonder why Topps bothered to put autographs of such a worthless player in the product.


Speaking of players who had lousy careers, here’s my buyback card of Ruben Gomez.  It turns out that he actually had a few decent seasons with the Giants early in his career, but this card is definitely nothing to be excited about.  You can check out his career stats here.


By now, I’m sure that you understand why the “hits” in Heritage are worthless.  Millwood is completely washed up; his last decent season was in 2005.  In 2008, I actually pulled some jersey cards of really good players in Heritage.  Millwood is not a good player (but he used to be).


Here’s a Then & New insert of Mickey Mantle and Adam Dunn.  I know that Dunn is a very good power hitter, but is he even remotely comparable to Mantle?  I don’t think so…


New Age Performer insert of Tim Lincecum.  You can bet that this card will wind up in a mailbox in La Jolla, California very soon!  I have insane luck in pulling Lincecum cards…


One of the greatest things about 1960 is that one of the greatest Presidents of all-time was elected that year, as you can see in this Flashback card.


Here’s a refractor of one of the most talented hitters in the A.L. East and one of my favorite non-Rays in MLB.


And my other refractor is of a player who soon will be one of the top hitters in the A.L. East.

It’s very likely that Topps Heritage will be the only set that I collect in 2009.  I’m only planning to collect the Rays cards from other products.  That’s a testament to how uninspired I am by all of the other products that have been announced so far.  I guess I should start getting ready for Heritage High Numbers this fall…



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  1. I realize it’s a long way off, but do you think Topps will make heritage next year? The 1961 design is dead boring compared to these, and the pictures are pretty much all face close-ups.

  2. Man, Taylor Phillips is rocking a beautiful unibrow

  3. Those are nice cards Dave! (Except the Millwood) And thats cool that you got no doubles!

  4. Charlie – I agree with you that the 1961 design is less than thrilling, but I’d bet my left nut that Heritage will be back next year. I think that it’s too successful of a money maker for Topps to kill it. I mean, what other product can sell like Heritage does with so few hits?

  5. I aggree too, the 1961 design isnt that nice, but they will never stop heritage!

  6. I forgot to ask – did you pull a Pettitte, and, if so, how did they spell his last name?

  7. Dave, just curious, why is Nick M. a favorite?

  8. Eric – it’s misspelled “Pettite” on my card – I think that error is on every card – except the chrome and refractors for some reason.

    Patricia – good question. I like Markakis because he’s an extremely good 5-tool player who doesn’t get as much hype as he deserves. He’s really one of the best players in MLB. If he played in NY or Boston, the media would never stop talking about him. He’s also a very hard worker and he seems like a high quality person. The Orioles announcers are always raving about him. There aren’t many players that I’d rather have on my team than Nick. “Markakis” is pretty fun to say too 🙂

  9. By the way – I just remembered that I wrote another post about Nick Markakis here.

  10. You sure were lucky with getting no doubles. I opened up my own box today and got about 10 doubles. Just a heads up, I now have a Carl Crawford Chrome & Refractor if you were interested in trading the Sniders. Also got a great 2008 World Series card showing 3 Rays chasing down the ball, lol! Don’t worry, I was cheering for the Rays too.

  11. you’re lucky. 75% of my cards from box 2 of 09 Heritage were dupes. 😦

  12. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  13. Hey man, you gotta post your wantlist – I have a few dupes I’d love to introduce you to. Also, are you going after the Refractor set again this year? If so, I have a Soriano for you.

  14. Are you kidding? Compared to Topps today, 1961 was great. I am so tired of “action pictures’ that no one will remember. We remember every card during the 50’s and 60’s.

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