Great hits happen when you least expect them

February 24, 2010 at 11:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

So a couple of weeks ago, I was working on organization my collection, and I found a pile of cards that I had forgotten that I owned.  It was a pile of football cards from 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces.  I bought a retail blaster of Masterpieces football sometime in the fall of 2008.  Since I’m trying to get rid of cards that I don’t have a use for, I had to decide if I wanted to keep these cards.  Due to my fondness for Masterpieces, and the fact that I had built complete sets of 2007 and 2008 Masterpieces baseball and 2008-09 Masterpieces hockey, I quickly decided to not only keep the Masterpieces football cards, but to try to finish the set so that I could have sets of every Masterpieces product ever produced.

I could’ve just purchased all of the singles that I needed from Sportlots or some other online card marketplace, but that wouldn’t have been much fun.  Besides, since I had only bought one blaster, I wasn’t anywhere close to a complete set yet.  So I went online to check out how much hobby boxes of Masterpieces football were selling for.  I saw that I could get one for only $43.95 at Blowout Cards, but then I’d have to pay for shipping unless I spent $100 or more.  It was a similar scenario with Dave & Adam’s and every other major online store.  I was close to dropping the idea when I did an eBay search a few nights later, and found that Dave & Adam’s was offering hobby boxes for $45 with free shipping on eBay.  So I bought a box.

A few days later, my hobby box arrived.  Now, you have to understand that my only reason for buying this hobby box was because I wanted to acquire the base cards that I needed to complete my set.  I was definitely not expecting any good hits, even though I knew that I’d get two jersey cards and one autograph.  Anyone who’s read my blog in the past knows that my luck is absolutely horrible when it comes to getting decent hits from boxes that I open.  I was sure that my autograph would be from an average player, or possibly even some rookie who didn’t pan out and wasn’t even in the league anymore.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun opening the packs.  As I’ve said before, Masterpieces is a truly great product, and I was very impressed with the artwork on the cards and the great assortment of current stars, legendary players, and historic moments that were featured on the cards.  I got 57 different base cards, plus 2 doubles in the box.  I haven’t combined these cards with the ones from my blaster yet, but I’m pretty sure that this puts me very close to completing the 90-card base set.  I also got three short prints, including one “Time Warp” card of Mel Blount covering Randy Moss.  I must say that the idea of these cards, matching a current star with a retired legend in an action painting, is absolutely brilliant.  And I got two short printed rookies, Jake Long and Felix Jones.  I got four black framed parallels (with no serial numbers), two red framed parallels (#/199), and one blue framed parallel (#/150).  And I got two jersey cards of pretty decent players, Anquan Boldin and Dallas Clark.  It’s nice to get hits of guys like that, but neither is anything to get overly excited about.

I would’ve been perfectly happy if my autograph was someone of Boldin or Clark’s stature.  When I was about 3/4 of the way through the box, I opened a pack that had a thick card in the middle, and I knew it was my autograph.  I slowly lowered the card on top of it to reveal who it was.  I saw a Colts helmet.  Hmm … maybe Dallas Clark or Joseph Addai.  Reggie Wayne would be pretty cool.  Or Dwight Freeney.  I lowered the card a little more, and saw #18.  #18???  Wait a minute, isn’t that … oh my god, holy sh*t … no f’ing way!  I sat there for literally at least five minutes with my jaw dropped.  I have never had a reaction like anything close to that from a card that I pulled from a pack.  Never.  Yes, ladies and gentleman, I pulled an autograph of PEYTON MANNING:

And it is totally awesome, as you can see.  It’s got four perfectly sharp corners, it’s on-card, and the signature looks great.  It’s Masterpieces, and it’s basically a framed mini-painting of Peyton Manning that’s been autographed by him.  A Masterpieces autograph is better than just any autograph, and it’s leaps and bounds better than some ugly Topps foil sticker autograph that’s slapped onto a poorly designed card.  Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I scanned the card and put it into a magnetic holder where it’s been ever since.

I checked eBay and found that these cards are selling in the $100 range.  So I could sell it and get back more than twice what I paid for the box.  But this card isn’t going anywhere.  Even though I’m not a Colts fan, I’ve always admired and respected Peyton Manning.  He’s the best quarterback of his generation, and yes that includes Tom Brady.  There is nobody else in football, or maybe in any sport, that almost single-handedly makes his team great as much as Peyton Manning.  This will be a card that stays in my collection for a very, very long time.

Like the title of this post says, great hits happen when you least expect them.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve bought a box of cards hoping to get a great hit, and got crap.  And then when I buy a box on a whim, just because I found a pile of cards from an old blaster and thought it would be fun to try to complete the set, I get an amazing card like this.  That’s part of what makes this hobby great.  The only other card that I’ve pulled that comes close to this is this one.  But it wasn’t nearly as fun to pull because it was a redemption.

Obviously I am thrilled and I wanted to share my experience with you on the blog.  Even though I found out a few days ago that my experience was not unique in the sports card blogosphere.  It turns out that Ryan’s Memorabilia Blog pulled the exact same card a short while before I did…


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  1. Well done. That is a good looking card. Congrats.

  2. Awesome pull! That really is a beautiful looking card.

  3. Sweet! I love when stuff like that happens. It can only happen when we rip open wax, mylar, whatever.

  4. Congrats on the Manning. The Masterpieces Autos are SWEET!

  5. I’d have a tough time not selling that card, but I’m with you, because it’s Peyton I would definitely hold on to it. I love your comparison to the card being a mini framed painting.

    Very nice!

  6. Great pull! I would have loved to get something like that, even as a Jets fan! There are certain players that just have excellent respect of the game, and Peyton is one of them, along with Jeter, Pujols, Griffey, Brady, and LT, just classy guys that play great football. I wouldn’t sell the card unless you REALLY need the money though. Drew

  7. I ran across this Peyton auto earlier tonight. Very nice pull, I’m jealous.

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