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With my 200th post being written in December 2008, I thought the time was right to create a page that gives you quick access to what I consider to be the very best posts from Fielder’s Choice Baseball Card Blog in each month of its existence.  For new readers, this is a good way to check out some of the early posts, and for long-time readers, it’s a chance to catch up on posts that you may have missed.

June 2008

Here we go… – 6/14/08
My very first post discussing my collecting history and why I started a blog.

Happy Father’s Day! – 6/16/08
The influence of my dad and grandfathers on me becoming a baseball fan and card collector.

Seriously? You must be kidding me! – 6/17/08
All about how and why I became a Tampa Bay Rays fan.

Oh, what a night – at the South Atlantic League All Star Game and meeting Madison Bumgarner – 6/18/08
My experience at the SAL All Star Game in Greensboro, NC including getting an autograph of Madison Bumgarner for his nemesis, Mario Alejandro.

Worst trade ever. – 6/19/08
The story of the card trade from my childhood that I most regretted.

And the winner is … Citizens Bank Park! – 6/24/08
About my weekend at Nationals Park in Washington and Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia – it’s easy to tell which one I liked better!

The countdown begins… – 6/24/08
The beginning of my countdown ranking of all of the major league baseball stadiums that I’ve attended in my lifetime.

And now, on with our countdown! – 6/25/08
The exciting conclusion of the stadium countdown.

Josh Hamilton, Hero or Zero? – 6/27/08
My most-widely read post ever.  It’s about my conflicting feelings about the good and bad sides of Josh Hamilton.  This was read by hundreds of people a couple of weeks later after Hamilton’s amazing performance in the Home Run Derby.  It got the attention of a local radio station that wanted to interview me on the air (but I couldn’t do it because of a meeting at work).  It also won a blog contest on a South Florida radio station’s web site later in the summer.  I still consider this to be my best-written blog post.

My new treasure – 6/29/08
Check out my oldest card, and one of the best cards in my collection – from 1952 Topps!

July 2008

Getting back up from love – 7/3/08
All of the reasons why I left the hobby in 1994 and didn’t jump back in until 2008.

I want to slap Terry Francona – 7/6/08
My reaction to the American League All Star team selections, and the start of my campaign to elect Evan Longoria with the Final Vote.

Finally another set that I like! – 7/7/08
My first box break (a retail blaster) and product review (Topps Chrome).

A great new hobby store (and opening Bowman hobby box) – 7/9/08
My experience at a new hobby store in my area with a review of a Bowman hobby box that I purchased there.

Count me in for a box of … Razor? – 7/10/08
My reaction to the new Razor card company signing Rays #1 pick Tim Beckham to an exclusive contract.

Topps Chrome Hobby Box break results – 7/13/08
The outcome of two Topps Chrome hobby box breaks.

R.I.P. Bobby Murcer – 7/13/08
My tribute post to the great Bobby Murcer.

Josh Hamilton, definitely a “Hero” tonight – 7/15/08
My reaction to Hamilton’s Home Run Derby performance and its effect on my blog.

Southern League All Star Game – 7/18/08
My trip to the Southern League (Double-A) All Star Game in Zebulon, NC.  Not as great as the SAL All Star Game, but still fun.

Say it ain’t so, Joe! – 7/21/08
Finding out that a treasured Joe Montana autograph from my childhood is really a fake.

Essential reading – 7/21/08
My opinion on the cesspool that is Beckett Media (and my reaction to an SCU post about Beckett).  In the same post, I plugged a very good piece of writing on Cardboard Mania about the environmental impact of the hobby.

The ‘Upper Deck’ is a little lower than it used to be – 7/23/08
I was less than enthusiastic about Upper Deck’s mid-year baseball card releases.

Stadium Club is back!!! – 7/24/08
Breaking the news about Stadium Club’s return brought a lot of attention (and hits) to the blog.

I got a rip card!!! – 7/25/08
Yes, I still have it, and no, I still haven’t ripped it.

Allen & Ginter box break results – 7/27/08
The results from my two hobby boxes of 2008 Allen & Ginter, and my review of the product.

More Beckett silliness – 7/29/08
Some evidence of how meaningless Beckett’s card pricing is.

The case is here! – 7/30/08
I had long been curious about opening a whole case of cards, and I did just that with 2008 Goudey.  This post documents the case’s arrival to my home.  In hindsight, it was a bad decision and a waste of money, but it was fun to do once in my life.

August 2008

2008 Goudey – first two boxes – 8/1/08
The results from the first two boxes from my case.  And you can see scans of the best cards here.

My take on Upper Deck Documentary – 8/2/08
Reaction to the newly announced set.

Goudey box breaks 3, 4, and 5 – 8/3/08
Results from boxes 3, 4, and 5 from the Goudey case.

Goudey box breaks 6 and 7 – 8/6/08
Results from boxes 6 and 7 from the Goudey case.

Goudey box breaks 8, 9, and 10 – 8/9/08
I was getting really sick of Goudey by this point…

Fielder’s Choice will be back soon – 8/12/08
I was feeling a little burned out and needed to take a break from blogging.  I think it was mostly do to realizing that the Goudey case was not worth the money I spent and the tedium of writing about all the box breaks.

Goudey box breaks 11 and 12 – 8/20/08
The last boxes of the case.  I actually high recommend reading this post.  I remember that I was in a very sarcastic mood when I wrote it, and I think a lot of what I wrote is pretty funny.

Watching a future star – 8/21/08
I saw David Price pitch in his first Triple-A game for the Durham Bulls and took some pictures.

I love Topps Heritage – 8/21/08
All about my favorite card product and my giddiness about the upcoming release of the High Number Series.

Making Better Cards – Part 1: Better Relic Cards – 8/22/08
My manifesto on how the card companies can make better relic cards.  Part 2 of this series is still in draft mode, but I have about 10 different ideas for these posts in my head.  I’ll get more of them done eventually, I promise.

Rocco Baldelli, A Hero Worth Rooting For – 8/24/08
Rocco Baldelli’s inspirational comeback.  This is in the mold of my first Josh Hamilton post back in June.

The greatest picture ever – 8/28/08
Almost four months later, I still love to go back and look at this picture!

September 2008

My trip to Boston – Part 1 – 9/10/08
Watching the first Buffalo Bills game of the season in the heart of Patriots country.

My trip to Boston – Part 2 – 9/10/08
Checking out the site of Braves Field, where the Boston Braves used to play.

My trip to Boston – Part 3: Fenway Park – 9/11/08
My amazing experience watching the Rays play at Fenway Park on my birthday (September 8).  Even though the Rays lost, this was definitely the most fun night of my year!

History is made – 9/20/08
My euphoric reaction to the Rays clinching a spot in the playoffs.

The pull of a lifetime… – 9/21/08
JV and Connor Voyles provide a card that reminds me of all that is good in collecting and in life.

And the Rays Team MVP is … – 9/23/08
Why Jason Bartlett was the MVP of the 2008 Rays.

Another story about Brien Taylor – 9/25/08
A story from my childhood about meeting Brien Taylor in the minor leagues, and some guy named Jorge Posada.

Champions! – 9/27/08
I celebrate the Rays winning the American League East division.

Good bye regular season, hello post season! – 9/29/08
My first thoughts on the post-season and a reflection on the Rays making it there.

October 2008

Obligatory post-season prediction post – 10/1/08
I didn’t do so well with my predictions, but at least I was right about the Rays making it to the World Series!

Setting the national media straight about the Rays – 10/2/08
Correcting some common misconceptions about my favorite team.

ALDS Game 1: Rays 6, White Sox 4 – 10/3/08
My reaction to the first Rays postseason win of all-time.

We’re going to the ALCS!!! – 10/7/08
The Rays defeat the White Sox and move on to the ALCS to face Boston!

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Hobby Box Break – 10/8/08
My first ever video box break!  You can also check out my review and some scans of the cards here.

2008 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection Hobby Box Break – 10/9/08
One of my favorite box breaks, and by far my most viewed break on YouTube to date.  Also features my review (I loved it) and scans of the cards.

The American League is better than the National League – 10/9/08
This opinionated post got a ton of comments.  Unfortunately, it looks pretty dumb in retrospect after the Rays lost the World Series to a N.L. team.

It’s time for the ALCS! – 10/10/08
My overview of the Rays – Red Sox rivalry and preview of the ALCS.  My prediction of a 4-3 series win for the Rays proved to be correct!

ALCS Game 2: The Best Rays Game of All-Time! – 10/12/08
Recapping the very memorable Game 2 of the ALCS.

The return of Fernando-mania! – 10/12/08
A look at the very interesting young career of Rays rookie outfielder Fernando Perez.

To the winner go the spoils! – 10/13/08
Featuring the winnings from my ALDS bet with Steve from White Sox Cards.

ALCS Game 3: Total domination in Fenway! – 10/14/08
Looking back at this game brings a big smile to my face!

ALCS Game 4: One Step Closer – 10/15/08
A look back at the ALCS Game 4 win that put the Rays up 3-1.

EUPHORIA!!!!! – 10/20/08
The Rays win Game 7 and head to the World Series, and I’m on cloud nine.

ALCS Game 7: The Rays Win the Pennant! – 10/20/08
A much more detailed post about Game 7 and my feelings about seeing the Rays win the ALCS.

Evan Longoria named “Hobby’s Rookie of the Year” by Upper Deck! – 10/21/08
Evan is honored by Upper Deck and I list all of my Longoria cards for the first time.

It’s time for the World Series! – 10/22/08
My World Series preview, including my stupid prediction that the Rays would sweep.

World Series Game 1: It’s Deja Vu All Over Again – 10/23/08
I react to the Rays’ Game 1 loss.

World Series Game 2: That’s More Like It! – 10/24/08
Unfortunately this would be the only World Series win for the Rays.

Searching for the Mute button… – 10/24/08
My complaints about the horrible announcing by Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.

World Series Games 3, 4, and 5 – 10/28/08
I wasn’t feeling very good after Game 3, Game 4, and the “first half” of Game 5.

Congratulations to the Phillies! – 10/29/08
When it was all said and done, I congratulated the Phillies on their great win and put the 2008 World Series behind me.

November 2008

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Hobby Box Break #2 – 11/7/08
My second video box break of 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces.

2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby Box Break – 11/10/08
Video box break of 2008 Bowman Chrome, including card scans and my opinion of the product.

2008 Donruss Threads Baseball Hobby Box Break – 11/11/08
Video box break of 2008 Donruss Threads, with card scans and my product review.

Rookie of the Year! – 11/12/08
Reacting to Evan Longoria’s Rookie of the Year award and Carlos Pena’s Gold Glove.

Managers of the Year! – 11/13/08
Both the former and current Rays managers win Manager of the Year awards.

Look who’s writing at Phungo… – 11/15/08
I write a guest post on the Phungo card blog as a result of losing a World Series bet.

Winnings from ALCS bet with Cardboard Addiction – 11/19/08
I show off my giant haul of cards from Joe of Cardboard Addiction from winning our ALCS bet.

Some new Evan Longoria cards – 11/20/08
Some great new Evan Longoria cards in my collection, plus some thoughts on Topps Stadium Club and Upper Deck SP Authentic.

My at-bat in the “Blog Bat Around” – 11/21/08
My entry in the first Blog Bat Around about what type of collector I am.

Goodbye, Mike Mussina – 11/21/08
Bidding farewell and paying tribute to the recently retired Mike Mussina.

You won’t believe what I got from a Stadium Club blaster! – 11/24/08
Discovering the awesomeness of Stadium Club retail blasters, and getting an unbelievable pull!  Video box break included.

2008 Upper Deck Legends Masterpieces Hockey Hobby Box Break – 11/25/08
My first ever non-baseball card hobby box break captured on video, complete with card scans.

A bunch of cards from Upper Deck Timelines – 11/25/08
Some cool Longoria cards from Timelines and my thoughts on the product.

Happy Thanksgiving! – 11/27/08
A reflection on what I’ve been thankful for this year.

December 2008

Coming soon!

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