A reason to Re-Joyce!

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I know that I am very far behind in posting about recent card trades; if you sent me something in the last month or so and I haven’t posted about it yet, rest assured that you’re on a list and I will be posting about it soon.  But I received something this week that I really wanted to post right away.  It was the first time that someone has obtained an in-person autograph and sent it to me.  Justin from Tampa Bay Sports Wasteland is a fellow Rays fan (although he’s an Orioles fan too) and we’ve made a few card trades in the past.  He attended the Rays Fan Fest at Tropicana Field a few weeks ago and he was kind enough to get a 2009 Matt Joyce card signed for me!


That was a totally awesome thing to do!  Joyce, as you may know, hit 12 home runs in 242 at bats for the Tigers last year, and he was traded to the Rays for Edwin Jackson.  He grew up in the Tampa Bay area and he was thrilled to become a Ray.  Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to play in spring training yet, due to tendonitis in his lower right leg.  Because of that, he’s likely to start the season in Durham where I’ll get to see him play in person.  But it’s only a matter of time before he takes over Gabe Gross’ role as the lefty in the Rays right field platoon.  I think that he has the potential to be a big contributor to the Rays for many years to come.

As if that weren’t enough, Justin threw in a few other cards too.  The best one is this Upper Deck Cam Ward jersey card:


This is a card that even my wife is excited about.  Cam Ward is her favorite hockey player.  We attend a lot of Hurricanes games together.  For the third year in a row, the Canes are battling for one of the last playoff spots in the Eastern Conference.  Hopefully they will succeed in actually making the playoffs this year, for the first time since 2006 when they won the Stanley Cup.  If they do, Cam Ward will need to be at the top of his game in the net.

Justin also sent an Evan Longoria Documentary card that I needed, three 2009 Topps cards (Longoria, David Price, and the Longoria/Price dual card), and a Wade Boggs card and Jonny Gomes card for my collection of old Devil Rays.

Thanks again Justin, for your awesome generosity!

Way behind in trades

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As time goes by, I continue to fall further behind in making trades.  I’m posting this to let people know that I haven’t forgotten about them and to motivate myself to get these trade packages shipped within the next couple of days…

I owe packages to the following people:

If you don’t see your name on this list and you’re still waiting for something from me, please let me know.

I’ll also be documenting the cards (and other items) that I’ve received from the following people in upcoming posts:

So if you’ve been waiting, rest assured that I’ll be sending your cards or posting about the cards that you sent as soon as I can.

Massive Trade Post – Part 2

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This is Part 2 of my effort to catch up on posting about recent card trades.  You can check out Part 1 here.

9. I received another package from Justin of Tampa Bay Sports Wasteland.  I’ve made a few card trades with Justin in the past.  He helped me out with 12 Topps Stadium Club cards from my want list, and he threw in two Rays cards of Carl Crawford and Rocco Baldelli that were made by the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) in 2003 and given away at a (Devil) Rays Fan Fest.  Justin is a fan of both the Rays and the Orioles, so theoretically he should hate the Red Sox and Yankees twice as much.  Anyway, I sent some Orioles cards his way.  Justin is lucky enough to live in the Tampa Bay area, and he might be able to get a few autographs for me at the 2009 Rays Fan Fest coming up on February 14.  Words cannot describe how awesome of him that would be!  Here’s the unique Crawford DAV card:


10. As many of you already know, Dan from Saints of the Cheap Seats is one of the most generous traders out there.  The excitement of opening a package of cards from him is equaled only by the challenge of matching his generosity when sending cards out to him.  Recently, Dan sent me 68 different Rays cards (and one card of Anibal Sanchez, who I think Dan thought played for the Rays).  There was a great mix of vintage Devil Rays cards from the dark years (when I didn’t collect) and some more recent ones.  The highlight was a 2007 Bowman draft pick card of David Price, which I didn’t have.  It fits nicely into my growing Price collection, which is going to be skyrocketing soon with all of his 2009 cards.  Dan included a few hits, including a Justin Ruggiano refractor autograph from 2008 Topps Finest, a Nick Green autograph from 2005 Donruss Studio, and an Aubrey Huff bat card from 2005 Zenith.  Yep, Donruss-Playoff produced a Zenith set (an old Pinnacle brand) in 2005.  It’s a nice-looking card, which makes me hope even more that the MLB lawsuit against Donruss will get settled and Donruss will get their license back.  Hey, I can dream.  Anyway, here’s the Huff card:


And here is the best looking card that Dan sent, from 1999 Topps Gold Label:


I own a few Gold Label cards from different years now, and I have come to believe that Gold Label is the best looking product ever.  The scan really does not do this card justice.  When I hold it up to the light, it changes into a bunch of different colors.  It’s similar to a refractor, but even nicer.  I have no idea why Topps discontinued Gold Label, but I know that I’d be first in line to buy a hobby box of it if they ever brought it back.

11. Paul from Phungo sent 3 Stadium Club cards from my want list, and he also included seven custom cards that he made with photos that he took at games.  Here are three of my favorites:

Here’s James Shields from a double header in Baltimore that the Rays swept on 9/23:


Here’s B.J. Upton from Game 5 of the World Series:


And here’s the Rays new DH, Pat “The Bat” Burrell:


These custom cards are definitely a unique addition to my Rays collection.  Thanks, Paul!

12. A reader named Victor (a.k.a. “cub FANatico”) traded 10 Stadium Club cards and 22 Updates & Highlights cards in exchange for a bunch of my doubles from both of those sets.

13. Charlie from Hawk to the Hall sent a surprise package that included 36 different Rays cards.  The highlight was an Evan Longoria base card from 2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects that I didn’t have, so that becomes the 86th different Longoria card in my collection.  Another highlight was a couple of Bowman Chrome prospect refractors.  The 2008 Bowman Chrome refractors were truly some of the best looking cards of the year.  I’m trying to figure out if I have any spare Cubs that Charlie might want…

14. Chuck from Chuck’s Used Cards sent along some old Hartford Whalers and Carolina Hurricanes cards.  The highlights were a Kevin Dineen card and a Bobby Holik rookie.  Chuck collects both Yankees and Red Sox (imagine that!) so I should be able to put together a nice package to send back to him.

15. I also received an unexpected package from Pete of Dropped Third Strike.  Pete sent four Rays Upper Deck Documentary cards, including an Evan Longoria, which is now the 87th Longoria card in my collection.  He also sent an Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Hobby Preview card of Longoria, but I already had a few copies of that one.  In addition, he got me one card closer to finishing my 2008 Goudey short print set with an Andre Dawson Sport Royalty card (#286).  Finally, he sent 14 Topps Updates & Highlights cards including the last 4 that I needed to complete the set.  The final 4 that I needed were Connor Robertson (UH37), Hanley Ramirez & Albert Pujols Classic Combos (UH136), Kyle Lohse (UH310), and Ben Sheets All Star (UH316).  So I definitely owe a huge thanks to Pete (and many other people) for completing the set for me!

16. Finally, I received a very interesting package from Mark of Mark’s Ephemera.  His blog is new and definitely worth checking out.  And “ephemera” is definitely worth looking up in the dictionary.  Anyway, Mark sent a Devil Rays 1998-99 calendar that appears to have been a giveway at Tropicana Field during their first season.  It features great pictures of many of the franchise “firsts” from the 1998 season.  Mark also included a copy of the November 1994 Beckett Baseball Card Monthly.  It’s the 10th anniversary issue and it has Frank Thomas and Ken Griffey Jr. on the cover.  Reading through it, I was struck by how much he hobby and Beckett have changed over the last 15 years.  There are some very interesting ads and articles.  These two items from Mark are really worthy of their own post.  I’ll scan some pages from the calendar and the Beckett and share them with you later this week…

Massive Trade Post – Part 1

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I’ve fallen ridiculously behind in posting about recent card trades that I’ve made.  So, instead of writing individual posts about each trade, I’m going to consolidate it all into two posts.  Here it goes…

1. Almost a month ago, I worked out a trade with Chris from Stale Gum.  I sent 29 cards from 2008 Goudey that he needed (13 base, 15 short prints, and 1 Hit Parade of Champions) and he sent the following to me:

  • Two Rays Gold Parallels from 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights: Reid Brignac (#0743/2008 ) and Ben Zobrist (#1553/2008 )
  • 2008 Upper Deck Heroes black parallel of B.J. Upton
  • 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Dioner Navarro
  • 2008 Topps Heritage refractor of Eric Byrnes (#414/559) for my Heritage refractor collection
  • Six 2008 Goudey red back mini’s: Kelly Johnson (12), Sparky Anderson (46), Josh Willingham (79), Andruw Jones (98), Albert Pujols 1936 Black & White (251), and Chase Utley Sport Royalty (291)
  • 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter jersey relic of Carl Crawford (AGR-CC1)
  • 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Dioner Navarro Event-worn All Star jersey card:


    Now I own 2 of the 3 Rays All Star jersey cards; I still need Scott Kazmir…

  • And a card that had me cracking up when I first saw it, a 1/1 Chris Harris autograph on a 1999 Fleer Tradition Aaron Ledesma card:



    Come on Chris, what’s up with the sticker autograph?  I want it on-card!

2. A few weeks ago, Jordan (a.k.a. Jawdy) from Jawdy’s Basement sent a bunch of cards that I needed for sets that I’m building.  He sent one of the last 2008 Topps Heritage cards that I needed (Ross Detwiler), three 2008 Topps Heritage refractors (Joe Mauer, Delmon Young, and Adrian Gonzalez), two 2008 Topps Chrome (Alfonso Soriano and Tim Lincecum), four 2008 Bowman prospect cards, 13 2008 Bowman Chrome prospect cards, and ten 2008 Topps Finest cards.  All of the cards really helped to put a dent in these sets for me.  In return, I sent a few cards from his want lists, a bunch of Phillies, and some Elijah Dukes cards for his son, Elijah.  I just hope that he doesn’t try to emulate Elijah Dukes’ off-field behavior.

3. Topher from the great new blog Crackin Wax also helped me to pare down my want lists for a few sets by sending seven Topps Heritage High Numbers cards, one Topps Chrome, and 17 Topps Finest cards.  I’m still working on combing through my collection to look for Twins cards that he might need.  I really appreciate his patience.  Unfortunately, my collection is more disorganized than you can possibly imagine, and it takes a while for me to complete trades that aren’t for specific cards.

4. Rob from Voice of the Collector sent 6 cards from my want lists: 3 from 2008-09 Upper Deck Legends Masterpieces hockey and 3 from 2008 Topps Stadium Club baseball.  I sent him 6 Topps Updates & Highlights cards in return, and I threw in the Ron Santo & Aramis Ramirez dual relic card from SP Legendary Cuts that I knew that Rob liked.  Rob thoughtfully included a few extra cards in his package to me too.  He sent a B.J. Upton Xponential insert from Upper Deck X, two Prince Fielder cards (although I’ve given up on actively collecting Prince), and an awesome autograph card of Tuomo Ruutu of the Carolina Hurricanes.  He came to the Canes from a trade with Chicago last season, and he has emerged as one of their top forwards and a fan favorite:


5. The next trade was from Tony and his son Isaac, two huge Cardinals fans who I’ve traded with before.  I recommend checking out their new blog, Ike’s Cards.  They helped me out a ton by sending 44 Topps Updates & Highlights cards from my want list, and 29 Topps Heritage High Numbers (21 regular green backs, 5 black backs, 2 Flashback inserts, and 1 Then & Now insert).  There’s a package containing some cards from their want lists, a bunch of Cardinals, and a few cards of Ryan Braun and Grady Sizemore, who are two non-Cardinals that Isaac likes, in the hands of the U.S. postal service on its way to them now.

6. Marie from A Cardboard Problem awesomely sent 29 base cards from 2008 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts, leaving me with only 2 that I still need to complete the set.  She also sent a Don Mattingly Yankee Stadium Legacy card that I needed (#5467).  I now own 70 of the 187 Mattingly Yankee Stadium Legacy cards.  In return, I sent Marie some of my Mattingly Yankee Stadium Legacy doubles and sent some of my non-Mattingly Yankee Stadium Legacy cards that she needed in exchange for some of her doubles.

7. Greg from Night Owl Cards sent 26 Topps Updates & Highlights cards and 8 Topps Heritage High Numbers cards from my want list.  He also included 4 Bowman Chrome cards, and some “old school” Devil Rays from 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2003 Topps.  I wasn’t collecting in those years, and I have to say that I’m glad I missed 2002 Topps with its ugly yellow borders.  2003 Topps, on the other hand, is pretty cool with its blue borders.  Lastly, he threw in a Carl Crawford “authentic game-worn uniform” card from 2008 Topps Series 2.  I actually have another copy of this card with a white uniform piece, but I think the card looks better with this gray road uniform piece:


I’m working on putting together a package of Dodgers cards for Greg.

8. I also made my first trade with Brian from 30-year old Cardboard.  Brian sent 8 Topps Updates & Highlights cards from my want list in exchange for 3 extra 1983 Topps Super Veteran cards that I had.  Brian is trying to put together a set of all of the 1983 Super Veterans.

So that’s the first half – up next is Part 2 with the details of 8 more card trades.  You can see that I’ve been busy, and so has the U.S. postal service!

5 sets added to the Trade Corner!

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I worked very hard tonight to tabulate what cards I need for five sets that I’m building and add them to the Trade Corner:

  • 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights
  • 2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers
  • 2008 Topps Stadium Club
  • 2008 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts
  • 2008 Upper Deck Legends Masterpieces Hockey

A ton of people have been asking me about Updates & Highlights, so I’m bracing myself for a tidal wave of trade proposals.  A lot of people have asked about Stadium Club too.  And the one that I’m most enthusiastic about is Heritage High Numbers.

So check out the Trade Corner and email me to propose a trade.  And I’d be ecstatic if anyone can help me complete these sets that I’ve been working on for a while:

  • 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter – 8 cards needed
  • 2008 Topps Heritage – 6 cards needed
  • 2008 Topps Chrome – 3 cards needed
  • 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter – 2 cards needed

I’m looking forward to the trades!

Surprise package from the Pettitte Pursuit

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When I got home from my Christmas road trip, I found an unexpected package in my mailbox from Bloomington, Minnesota.  I think this happens to a lot of bloggers.  Yes, it was a package of cards were from Eric, the long-time super trader, and the guy who recently started his own blog, The Pettitte Pursuit.  You might recall that I received another package from him a few weeks earlier; I wrote about it here.

Here’s what I found inside:

  • Two cards from 2000 Topps advertising Trade Nights at “Home Team Advantage” hobby stores and a 2003 Topps football checklist.  It’s amazing how Eric knew that I had been dreaming of owning these!  Or maybe he just thought they’d help to fill up empty space in the card holder…
  • Two cards from 2008 Allen & Ginter: Matt Biondi (#107) and Pluto (#233).  I already had these, but I added them to my list of doubles for trading.
  • Two Statue of Liberty “Historical Moments” cards from 2008 Upper Deck Piece of History.  The Statue of Liberty has always been one of my favorite athletes.
  • One Don Mattingly card from 2008 Donruss Threads (#35).  I have a bunch of these, but it’s a really nice looking card.
  • Five Rays cards from 2008 Topps Stadium Club: B.J. Upton (#17), Carl Crawford (#31), Evan Longoria First Day Issue (#108 – the one where he’s holding a bat), Jeff Niemann First Day Issue (#135), and Justin Ruggiano First Day Issue (#144).  I didn’t have the Niemann or the Ruggiano.
  • Three Rays that I needed from 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights: ALCS MVP Matt Garza (#UH50), Ben Zobrist (#UH168), and Willy Aybar (#UH217).  These were the last three Rays that I needed from Updates & Highlights, so now I have a full team set.
  • Two “vintage” Devil Rays from 2000 Topps.  First is Jose Canseco, who looks like he’s watching a ball go foul:


    Next is a very interesting Wade Boggs card:


    This is from the “Magic Moments” subset in 2000 Topps, which I just learned about when I researched it after receiving this card.  There are 5 different versions of this card (#239) and every “Magic Moments” card in the set.  There are 10 of them in the subset.  Each variation commemorates a different achievement.  For Boggs, there’s the “1983 Batting Title”, “1988 Batting Title”, “2,000th Hit”, “3,000th Hit”, and “1996 World Championship”.  I really like seeing the word “championship” on a Rays card, even though Boggs won his championship with the Yankees.  Man, it must’ve killed Red Sox fans to see Boggs and Roger Clemens win championships with the Yankees.  And the five different variations of each “Magic Moments” card must’ve killed set builders in 2000!

  • A Don Mattingly Yankee Stadium Legacy card that I needed: Game 5472 from 07/31/1993.  The Yankees beat the Brewers 5-4 that day.  What’s really interesting is that Bob Wickman was the winning pitcher for the Yankees and Graeme Lloyd was the losing pitcher for the Brewers.  Three years later, they were traded for each other.  Anyway, here’s the card:


  • And lastly, and most awesomely, Eric sent the Target exclusive Evan Longoria insert card from Updates & Highlights that I’d been wanting ever since I first heard about it:


    This is definitely one of the coolest looking Longoria cards of 2008.  And you can tell a lot about how awesome of a trader Eric is by what he told me: “when I pulled the Longoria insert, I wanted you to have it ASAP… it’s pretty bad that I get as excited to pull a Longoria for you or a Zito/Wright for Dinged Corners as I do pulling a Pettite for myself.”

Thanks for the great cards Eric!  You can look forward to a package of cards from me very soon!

Cards from the Wasteland – another Tampa Bay fan!

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Continuing with my series of posts on recent card trades, this one is from Justin, who runs the Tampa Bay Sports Wasteland blog.  We made a trade a couple of months ago before I even realized that he was a blogger, and then he contacted me again in December to let me know that more cards were on the way.  Justin is a great person for me to trade with because he collects Rays cards (and Orioles) and I have a bunch of Rays doubles that I can send to him.  I’ll be sending out a package to him either today or tomorrow.

Here’s what he sent to me…

  • 14 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces cards that I needed – 10 regular cards and 4 short prints.  The short prints included Rod Carew (#104), Derek Jeter (#109), Willie Stargell (#114), and Joe Carter (#120).  Here’s the Jeter and Carter cards:



    I really like the Joe Carter card for two reasons.  First, it’s a picture from his walk-off home run in the 1993 World Series, which was one of the most exciting World Series moments of my lifetime.  Second, he’s wearing the awesome old Toronto uniform.  The current Blue Jays uniforms are not very good, and I’d like to see them go back to the old uniforms from their glory years.

  • A 1998 Pinnacle card of Paul Sorrento, one of the original Devil Rays.  It’s always cool to get “vintage” Devil Rays cards like this to remember the old players and to check out the card designs from the years that I wasn’t collecting.
  • A Don Mattingly Yankee Stadium Legacy card that I needed: Game 4834 from 09/01/1985.  The Yankees beat the Angels 5-3 that day, and Mattingly hit two home runs:


  • And finally, a 1/1 black printing plate of Jonny Gomes from 2008 Topps Series 2!  Maybe it’s because I only own three printing plates, but I really like getting them.  I guess I’m not as sick of printing plates as people who have been pullling them for years.  On the other hand, if a printing plate was my “hit” in a box instead of an autograph, I’d probably be disappointed.  Anyway, here’s the printing plate of the free agent Gomes, who in all likelihood has played his last game for the Rays:


Thanks again to Justin for these great cards!  Check out his blog if you ever want to read about the Rays (or other Tampa Bay sports teams) from somebody else besides me…

Some great “cardboard” without a “problem”

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This is the next in my series of posts trying to catch up on the card trades that I made in December.  This one was with Marie from the Cardboard Problem blog, which is one of the best new card blogs out there (at least I think it’s new; I discovered it in December).  The blog is run by two women (Marie and Sooz) who are huge Yankees fans and are very knowledgeable about the card collecting hobby.  I’m always intrigued by card blogs written by females, probably because I don’t personally know any female collectors and my wife is about as uninterested in cards as humanly possible (tonight she watched one of my video box breaks to help her fall asleep).

When I read that Marie had pulled an Evan Longoria First Day Issue parallel from Topps Stadium Club, I let her know that I was interested in trading for it.  I ended up sending a few Don Mattingly Yankee Stadium Legacy cards that I had doubles of in exchange for the card.  Coincidentally, I bought an Evan Longoria black-bordered Upper Deck Masterpieces card from Marie and Sooz on eBay at about the same time.  I didn’t even realize that I was buying it from them until I saw that my Paypal payment went to “cardbandits”.  Marie sent both cards in the same package.  You can read about the cards that I sent to her here.

First, here’s the Masterpieces card.  It’s the black-bordered parallel, which isn’t serial numbered:


The Masterpieces card is one of my favorite Evan Longoria cards, and the black border makes it look even better!

Here’s the Stadium Club First Day Issue card:

It’s a nice picture of Longoria signing autographs for some fans.  Since he’s wearing a home uniform at what appears to be an outdoor stadium (I don’t think that the little girl would be wearing a coat inside the Trop) and he’s not wearing a spring training hat, I think that this photo was taken during the series against the Blue Jays in Orlando back in April.

The card causes some confusion for me, however.  On the back of the card, I see that it’s #108 in the set.  But this card that I pulled from a Stadium Club blaster myself is also #108:


Does anyone happen to know why there are two different photos of Longoria on the same card?  Why don’t they have different numbers?  Did Topps do the same thing for other rookies?  I don’t see any variations like this in any of the other Stadium Club rookies that I own.  And most importantly, why isn’t Chris Harris boycotting Topps over this “gimmick”?

What’s even stranger is that the same two photos are also used on Longoria’s base card in Stadium Club, and it appears that they are #/999.  I don’t have either of the base cards, and the only ones that I’ve been able to find on eBay are #/999.  Why would Longoria’s base cards be the only ones in the set that are serial numbered?  I ask because I’m someone who is trying to build the Stadium Club set and I’m an Evan Longoria player collector, and Topps has made me very confused!

But anyway, thanks to Marie for the card, and to Marie and Sooz for running a great blog!

Cards from a trade with Nick from Tennessee

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Here’s another card trade that I’ve been meaning to post about for a few weeks.  I traded some doubles of 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces to a reader named Nick in the Volunteer State who is working on building the set.  In return, Nick sent a couple of great Rays cards my way.

First up is a 2008 Topps Gold parallel of Cliff Floyd #1229/2008.  Topps Gold is one of my favorite types of parallels.  Floyd probably won’t be back with the Rays in 2009, and he might retire, but I’ll always remember his huge influence in turning the 2008 team into winners:


Nick also threw in this card as a surprise:


The card is from 2002 “Topps 206”, a retro set that was obviously a precursor to Allen & Ginter.  If you had a time machine and went back to visit me in 2002, I would have been ecstatic about this card.  Dewon Brazelton was the Devil Rays’ first round pick in the 2001 draft, #3 overall.  He was a promising right-handed pitcher from Middle Tennessee State University.  In 2001, the #1 pick was Joe Mauer.  Mark Prior was #2, Brazelton was #3, Gavin Floyd was #4, and Mark Teixeira was #5.  At the time, Brazelton’s name didn’t seem out of place in that group.  I remember watching him pitch for the Durham Bulls in 2003 and telling my friends that he was going to be Tampa Bay’s future ace.  Unfortunately his development was hurt when he was rushed to the big leagues before he was ready.

Brazelton was actually a decent starting pitcher for the Devil Rays in the second half of 2004, and he followed that up with a good spring training in 2005, resulting in him being named the Opening Day starting pitcher.  He quickly shattered Lou Piniella’s confidence in him by going 1-8 with a 7.61 ERA.  When he was sent down to the minors, he went AWOL, disappearing for two weeks without contacting anyone in the organization.  When Andrew Friedman replaced Chuck Lamar as the general manager after the 2005 season, he traded Brazelton to San Diego, where he continued to not have success.  He played in the minors for Pittsburgh and Kansas City in 2007, and it looks like he’s out of baseball now.

Anyway, it’s fun to get a card of a guy like Dewon Brazelton to help me remember all of the misfortunes that the Rays had in the past and how far they’ve come.  It makes me really appreciate what they accomplished in 2008.  Six years after picking Brazelton in the first round, the Rays drafted another pitcher from the same hometown (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) with the #1 overall pick.  I think he’ll work out a lot better for them.  His name is David Price…

Some cards that have been “Hand Collated”

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I’ve fallen behind on posting about card trades.  This one goes back to early December when Scott from Hand Collated and I decided to trade our Upper Deck Mastepieces hockey doubles.  As we emailed each other back and forth, we both added other cards into the deal.  The final outcome was that I sent some Masterpieces hockey cards, a few Topps Updates & Highlights baseball cards that he needed, and a bunch of Allen & Ginter and Upper Deck baseball cards to Scott in exchange for some Masterpieces hockey cards, 2 of the 5 Upper Deck 2008 O-Pee-Chee inserts that I needed, and a ton of Updates & Highlights.  Scott was much quicker in posting about the trade than I was; you can check out his post here.

Here’s a look at what I got in the trade:

  • 5 cards that I needed from Upper Deck Masterpieces hockey: Jari Kurri (#5), Darryl Sittler (#42), Peter Stastny (#58), Willie O’Ree (#73), and Mark Messier (#79).  This gives me 70 of the 87 base cards in the set.  I’ll be posting the cards that I need and the doubles that I still have to my Trading Corner very soon.  Here’s the Stastny card where he’s holding what I believe is the Calder Trophy that he won in 1981:


  • 2 O-Pee-Chee inserts from the 2008 Upper Deck baseball flagship set.  The O-Pee-Chee inserts are one of my favorite inserts from 2008, and I’m looking forward to collecting the “1975 style” O-Pee-Chee inserts in 2009.  I now have 47 of the 50 cards from the 2008 O-Pee-Chee set.  The ones that Scott sent were Russell Martin and Prince Fielder.  Here’s Prince:


    Long-time readers of this blog will remember when Prince Fielder was featured in the blog’s logo.  I had a 2007 Goudey Prince Fielder card on the sidebar where the 2008 Goudey Evan Longoria is now.  I made the change to honor the Rays making the playoffs and to prevent people from thinking that I was a Brewers fan.

  • 28 cards from 2008 Updates & Highlights.  This is another set that I’m building that I’ll be posting to my Trading Corner soon.  I’m probably one of the only people in the world who likes Updates & Highlights better than Topps Series 1 and 2.  Scott included two Evan Longoria cards that I needed:



I’ll wrap this up by encouraging you to read Hand Collated frequently if you don’t already.  It’s an entertaining blog and one of the best sources for news about upcoming releases on the web!

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