Mattingly Collection

I’ve been a huge fan of Don Mattingly and a collector of Don Mattingly cards since I was a kid in the late 1980s. Yes, I used to be a Yankees fan, and if you’re interested, you can read about my metamorphosis from a Yankees fan to a Rays fan here. Since 2003, my goal has been to acquire every Mattingly card that was produced during his playing career (1996 and earlier), and I am now only 3 very tough-to-find cards away from reaching my goal. In all, I currently own 1,165 different Don Mattingly cards.

Below are the cards that I’m trying to locate. If you own any of them, please contact me if you would be willing to sell or trade them. Also, if you know where I might be able to find any of these for sale or trade anywhere online, I would greatly appreciate any information.

  • 1990 Donruss Aqueous Test #190
  • 1993 Select Samples #24
  • 1995 Upper Deck Predictor League Leaders Exchange #R53

Keep in mind that I already have all other Don Mattingly cards made between 1984 – 1996 besides the 3 cards listed here.  I also have a big box of Mattingly doubles that I don’t really want to add to.

I have a much smaller quantity of Mattingly’s post-retirement cards (from 1997 – 2008).  I plan to post a list of the ones that I do have soon so that my readers will know which ones I need.  In the mean time, if you have any Mattingly post-retirement cards that you might want to trade, you can email me to ask if I have them.

Speaking of post-retirement Mattingly cards, I am actively trying to collect all of the Don Mattingly cards from Upper Deck’s 2008 cross-brand Yankee Stadium Legacy set. According to the very useful list on Cardboard Junkie, there are 187 of these. So far, I’ve managed to collect 76 of them:


If you have any others, and you’re willing to trade or sell them, please contact me and let me know.


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  1. Hello
    Do you have a master checklist for all D.Mattingly cards from start to the end of his career? If so, can you email me a copy?


  2. Gene,

    The best place to get a master checklist is from Beckett. You’d have to subscribe to their online price guide for one month. I believe the price is $5.99. Then you can print out a list of every Mattingly card and cancel your subscription. I printed one out in 2004 and I’ve been crossing cards off my list when I get them ever since then.

    There’s another good checklist made by a collector here but I don’t think it’s as comprehensive as Beckett’s list.

  3. Dave, I always hated the Yankees, but I loved Mattingly (Nettles was another Yankee I loved for some reason). I’ve often contemplated overpaying for a box of 84 topps wax just for the thrill of pulling a RC if his.

    As for the checklist. Do you really need to subscribe to the price guide? Can’t you still get a list of cards, just without the all important, completely accurate book value?

  4. Motherscratcher, I’m not sure. I can’t even find the online price guide on Beckett’s horrible new web site.

  5. I can get you the list of all the Mattingly cards, if you would like it. I’ll send it off this weekend.

  6. watch your mailbox dave, there is a surprise heading your way.

  7. Don’t know if you all have seen this. This is the best YSL compilation checklist out there. I’ve got about 70 of the cards so far and am doing them by years and players. I have the ’27 Yankees, the ’39 Yankees and am one away from the ’61 Yanks. Come on Clete Boyer. Also doing all the Joe D, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig cards

    The site

  8. I am a huge mattingly fan as well I currently own about 10,000. I am wanting do do the same as you, collect each card put out so I am currently trying to get a checklist and get everything organized so I know what I have. I’ll check and see if I happen to have any of the ones you need and maybe we can trade for some of the ones I need or something.

  9. A PSA Set Registry List

  10. I have a mattingly card that is B/W columbus clippers with 1982 & 83 stats on the back no card number. I cant seem to find who made it or its approx. worth can you help?

  11. hi see you have doubles am intrested in O Pee Chee only and baseball
    only do you have any extra Mattingly from 87 I am missing this
    Mattingly but in O Pee Chee baseball only

  12. how much you want for a set of your doubles

  13. Hi Dave,
    Great site. You mention wanting to collect every Mattingly card made during his career. Curious where you came up with the 1114 total cards? I’m seeing at least 1316 cards…if not more.

  14. I have a BGS 10 1984 topps Mattingly rookie. Only 2 in the whole world got graded bgs 10 prestine. Its about a gem mint. If you want this super rare card e-mail me @ with an offer

  15. I meant to say above a gem mint

  16. Hi , I have a 1984 Topps Nestle Don Mattingly card graded BGS 9.5 Gem Mint there are none graded higher by BGS and this one being the Topps Nestle version (the card never made it into Nestle products) makes this card much rarer than the regular Topps version , I also have a 1984 O Pee Chee Don Mattingly rookie graded BGS 9.5 Gem Mint there is only 16 OPC Mattingly rookies graded this high by BGS none graded higher making this card much rarer than the Topps version and the rarest Mattingly rookie of all graded by BGS , if anyone is interested in buying these cards and wants to break into these BGS cased cards or would like them the way they are in the BGS protective case you can email Kev at

  17. e mail Kev for scans of the Topps Nestle and O Pee Chee Mattingly cards graded BGS 9.5 (

  18. Hey there, I have just been flipping through your blog site and I am looking for some baseball card collectors who might be interested in purchasing ALL the cards I have. I have very extensive collection of various players, some are entire collections and some are partial. Most of what I have is from 1989-1991. If you have any information that could lead me in the right direction, please let me know. my email address is… Thanks

    Marsha Lamas

  19. do you have don mattingly’s fleer tradition 2002 this day in history game used jersey sp/50?

  20. Curious…any chance you have both the regular issue ’94 Bowman’s Best and Bowman’s Best Refractor? I’m trying to figure out the visual difference…everything I’ve seen online look the same, to me.

  21. Yes, I have both of them. At first glance, they look the same, but if you hold the refractor up to a light, it shines similar to other Topps/Bowman refractors.


  22. thanks dave. sounds like there are pretty close in appearance. Almost have to buy in person…online photos just aren’t cutting it.

  23. Great website! I started collecting Don Mattingly cards when I was a kid in the 80’s as well. Of course, things tapered off when I went to college, got married and had children. In any event, I like to seek out Mattingly cards that I don’t have every now and then in my free time. Do you actively sell or trade off your doubles to other Mattingly collectors? Love the website, very easy to find from Google. Thanks -Rob

  24. I just noticed an uncorrected in error on Mattingly’s 1995 Fleer card. I haven’t seen anything written about it, but if you know Mattingly and look at it for a second, it will hit you.

  25. Does anyone know where I can get a master checklist of Mattingly cards and the 1988 Topps World of Baseball card?

  26. John – the best source for a checklist would be Beckett’s web site. The 1988 Topps World of Baseball card is very hard to find. I have a copy that I got on eBay a few years ago and paid a lot of money for it. Good luck with your search!

  27. Hey I will check my list for those but I am pretty sure that I don’t have them. I am also a collector and have the same first goal in mind. I have gotten a later jump on my collection till about 4 years ago. I had some and decided it would be fun to collect. I have about 1040 plus all of the duplicates that I have. I will probably want to talk to you to see what cards you have that I don’t.

  28. I do have a bunch of cards from after his playing years. I will see what I can do about putting a list together for you.

  29. Im in possession of a 1988 World baseball card that has a blank white back.I bought this card back in 1989 and just found it amongst other cards in its own plastic holder.I saw a graded PSA 9 card on Ebay for $475.00 but it had its stats on the back of the card..Why doesn’t my card have the stats and why does it just white??Can anyone help???Thanks

  30. Can anyone tell me the origin of the 1988 World of Baseball Mattingly? Was it an insert, test issue, or other? Was it available in packs or otherwise commercially avail? Thanks in advance.

  31. i have a 1991 collector series by post of Don Mattingly if interested notify me and i can send a picutre if it

  32. That is super impressive. I grew up near Evansville when Mattingly broke into the bigs. He was always my favorite player growing up. I still remember the thrill of pulling his Topps rookie card out of a pack.

    Your quest is crazy awesome! I can’t believe the amount of Mattingly product available. I hope he makes the HOF someday. Donnie Baseball rules!

  33. Dave, what a great quest! I too share this horrible addiction, although I have just recently begun. I have started with minor league issues and am going up by year. I have over 400 different from minors through 1989 alone, with a few hundred more from years beyond. These include unlicensed “Broder” issues, cards from Star Co., RGI, etc. I’ve been searching for the Aqueous card, as well. What a tough card!!! I hope that you have found one by now. If for some reason you’ve found two, let me know & you’ve got a sale!!!

    I have one card that may be of interest to you & it has me completely dumbfounded, as it was produced by Fleer. This card appears to be a 1984 or 1985 issue, but I cannot find it listed anywhere. I bought it recently on eBay & the seller did not know the origin, either. The card is a Fleer Superstars, diecut sticker on plastic stock. It is tiny, measuring about 1″ x 1 3/8″. I have come across many Mattingly checklists, but have never seen this card listed. Do you know anything about this card? I will also email you a picture. If you can help a fellow Mattingly collector, I would greatly appreciate the favor.

    Also, do you know if there is a comprehensive and accurate checklist for Broder issues? I have found a few online, but have never found one that is 100% complete or accurate. I have about 100 different unlicensed Mattingly’s & this is a chase in itself.

  34. Hello I am to a Don (donnie baseball) Mattingly collector as well. I have a list that has at least 4000 different cards. I myshef have over 1,100 different ones.I have been trying to get at least one of each too. That is reg. cards,odd-ball and game used cards to. It is glad to see that I am not the only one out here. I also have over 300 different doubles of him in my collection. Maybe we can help each other get a little closer to own goal. so let me know if we can help each other out Tim ( i am a donnie junkie )

  35. Came across this video of a Mattingly autograph card collection. Insane, to say the least.

  36. Did you ever get the 1990 Fleer? Because I have 1.

  37. Hey there, ive been collecting Mattingly cards since the 80’s as most of you have. I currently have almost 600 different cards. I bought a 1982 Yankees program from a yard sale for 25 cents and years later discovered the pullout was from the Oct1-3rd series against the Red Sox, a young kid filled out the scorecard from the game he attended and clearly records Mattingly Pinch hitting and getting his first major league hit against Boyd. Just thought id share my treasure with ya’ll.

  38. On ebay I am selling unopened packs of 1989 topps double headers test. chance of mattingly, henderson, winfield etc…. onyl 24 cards in set,. very rare

  39. I have been attempting to catalog all the sets and variations that Beckett/SCD do not have, kind of a Supercollector Catalog. Time frame is from roughly 1975-1997 so Mattingly is included with over 400+ items. I’d be glad to post the Mattingly’s here.

  40. Great page, Dave. Im looking for people to trade Matitngly cards with or for purchase. For the time being, Im not interested in buying the more expensive cards just collecting years 84-96. I have some doubles i would be interested in trading.


  41. A guy out in NY just posted an ad for a huge collection:

    for the right price…someone is going to have one amazing collection.

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